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Clinton to Trump: Delete Your Twitter Account

Hillary Clinton issued a cold social media rebuke to Donald Trump.


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is an epic Twitter user, habitually firing off missives on the media, the economy, the military, and against opponents to his nearly 8.8 million followers. As Hillary Clinton surged to the Democratic nomination in recent weeks, he’s taken aim at the candidate he affectionately calls “Crooked Hillary.” But on Thursday, hours after being endorsed by President Barack Obama, the former secretary of state fought back.

After Trump blasted the president for his endorsement, the GOP real estate magnate took to Twitter to voice his disapproval. In a rare social media engagement between the two camps, Clinton tweeted this in response:

It’s a simple, chilly rebuke to a man with no shortage of social media hot takes. And it serves as a sign that the presidential campaign is now a two-horse race that will be won not only on the stump, but online.

Photo credit: DREW ANGERER/Getty Images

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