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‘One on One With Kim Jong Un’ and Other Ideas for Trump TV

"Judo Power Hour With Vladimir Putin" is one suggestion for Trump TV.


Multiple unsourced reports suggest that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, may want to get into the television business. It seems highly unlikely that a presidential candidate in the middle of a campaign would launch such a bold venture, but the 2016 election has been full of surprises, perhaps none bigger than the rise of Trump himself.

In theory, it could be a good business move; why shouldn’t Trump cash in on his own popularity? CNN and the other cable networks that have seen their ratings and advertising rates spike because of Trump. In practice, though, running a television station is hard. After all, there are 24 hours of airtime to fill.

To help Trump get his fledgling TV project off the ground, we decided to recommend some possible shows based on his actual policy positions and past statements. Of course, if the billionaire businessman uses any of the ideas below, we’d like a piece of the action.

“One on One With Kim Jong Un” — Trump has vowed to negotiate with the North Korean dictator, a stark change in U.S. policy. Why not air the interview in a one-hour special?

“Judo Power Hour With Vladimir Putin” — Trump has expressed his like of the Russian strongman, and Putin has done the same. It seems obvious that the best way to renew U.S.-Russia relations is a TV special where Putin shows off his judo skills to Trump.

“Miss Universe” — Obviously. Trump “cherishes” women.

“The Biggest Loser” — Trump loves calling people losers, or some variation of the insult; here’s a list. It makes sense to invite the likes of talk show host Bill Maher, who has compared Trump to Hitler; publisher Arianna Huffington, whose Huffington Post has blasted the candidate repeatedly; random Twitter user Aneesh S, who was critical of Trump’s Middle East policies; and others to an on-air competition to determine who is the biggest one.

“The Apprentice” — Trump rose to reality television fame on this show, where he worked his way through a list of would-be executives — dismissing those who didn’t make the cut with his trademark “you’re fired” — before choosing a contestant to join his company. Why not use the same process to pick a vice president?

“Celebrity Golf from Trump National Doral Miami” — To replace the tournament he lost when the PGA pulled out of Trump’s resort this month, reportedly because the tour couldn’t find a sponsor for the event.

That would just leave him with 18 more hours of television to fill the day. That’s a lot of campaign appearances.

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