Watch This Man Try to Fire Extinguish the Olympic Torch in Brazil

The Olympic torch remains lit.

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Ok, we get it. The Rio Olympics are off to an absolutely terrible start, and they haven’t even officially begun. Some athletes have been banned for doping, and others are refusing to show up out of fear they will contract Zika, the mosquito-borne virus believed to cause birth defects if passed on to pregnant women.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s government is in the midst of a massive corruption scandal, where even the lawmaker who insisted on impeaching President Dilma Rousseff for accepting bribes has now stepped down for accepting illegal cash himself.

But did someone really have to try to take what little opportunity for celebration was left and ruin it by attacking a traditional Olympic torchbearer with a fire extinguisher in the Brazilian city of Joinville? Yes, yes they did.

The video, below, shows a protester — or perhaps someone just curious about whether or not the flame is in fact, eternal — attempting to put it out with a giant fire extinguisher as the torchbearer parade through the streets. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

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