The Final Front in the Afghan War

FP’s Dan De Luce talks to Sune Rasmussen and Andrew Quilty about reporting from Helmand Province, where the fighting has worsened and the Taliban is gaining ground.


In this episode of The Backstory, FP‘s chief national security correspondent Dan De Luce talks with journalist Sune Rasmussen and photojournalist Andrew Quilty about their recent trip to Lashkar Gah, the capital city of Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.

Rasmussen and Quilty describe their journey to the war-torn region. They interviewed a number of civilians, most of whom are in a state of despair and war-weary, as Helmand province has been in a state of flux since the beginning of the war in Aghanistan – control has teeter-tottered between the Taliban and Afghan forces, leaving the region very unstable. This is their story and coverage from on the ground.

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About the participants:

Sune Rasmussen is a journalist based in Kabul. Follow him on Twitter: @SuneEngel.

Andrew Quilty is a freelance photographer based in Kabul. Follow him on Twitter: @andrewquilty.

Dan De Luce is FP‘s chief national security correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @dandeluce.

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