When candidate Trump throws around terms like ‘PTSD’ and ‘readiness’

When candidate Trump throws around terms like ‘PTSD’ and ‘readiness’

Fellas, I don’t know why 35 percent of the American population doesn’t get this, but Donald Trump is in condition deep DKSAS.*

He said that people who have PTSD are not strong. In fact, PTSD seems to result from a combination of factors — what a person experiences, how well they are prepared for what they see and do, how well they are led, whether they are in a cohesive group. See myth no. 1 here. And remember that, “Developing PTSD is not a sign of weakness, be it mental weakness or weakness of character. It is an understandable human response to uncommon experiences.”

And here is what he is saying about the state of the military: “We have an Army that hasn’t been in this position since World War II, in terms of levels and in terms of readiness and in terms of everything else. We are not capable like we have to be.” Tell that to anyone who saw the Army and Marines of the mid to late 1970s.

Here is a powerful twitter response:

Personally, I think that most of what Trump knows about the military comes from movies he chanced to see.   

(*Doesn’t Know Shit About Shit)

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons