The Best Things of 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ was released. But what else happened this past year that calls for celebrating?


On this week’s episode of The E.R., David Rothkopf, Julia Ioffe, Kori Schake, and Keith Johnson finish up 2016 on a (semi) high note. Looking past all of the ugliness and rancor that marked this past year, is there anything we can savor and celebrate as we welcome 2017?

Yes, Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States and the alt-right descended upon Europe, but are these just the excruciating growing pains as the long arc of history slowly forces us to come to grips with racism, inequality, and social divides? Maybe more importantly, the panel wonders, it’s these sorts of ugly events that teach us to never take anything for granted — little things like democracy, freedom of speech, and equality.

Carrying over from Foreign Policys end-of-the-year print issue and the 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016, Rothkopf calls for optimism and progress. Even though this year’s events may be extremely dispiriting and it seems as though we are headed into the wrong side of history, there’s still much to celebrate and look forward to in the New Year.

Julia Ioffe is a Voices columnist at FP and a contributing writer for Highline. She will also be joining The Atlantic in January. Follow her on Twitter at: @juliaioffe.

Kori Schake is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, where she focuses on military history, and a former foreign-policy advisor to Sen. John McCain. Follow her on Twitter at: @KoriSchake.

Keith Johnson is FP’s deputy managing editor for news. Follow him on Twitter at: @KFJ_FP.

David Rothkopf is the CEO and editor of the FP Group. Follow him on Twitter at: @djrothkopf.

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