Firings, ousters, scandals, and more

Firings, ousters, scandals, and more


A very joint roundup:

— Retired Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene was charged with six counts of rape of a minor.

— The former vice commander of the 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw AFB, in Sumter, S.C., was court-martialed and pled guilty to child porn charges.

— A Marine major was convicted of lying about a case involving his sexual indecencies.

— A lieutenant commander in the Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Eight was charged with hazing a sailor.

— Navy Lt. j.g. Willie Jeter got 20 years for two sexual assaults, including one on the USS Truxtun, a destroyer.

— The senior NCO at AFSOUTH was charged with dereliction of duty and related offenses.

— The Navy’s Master Chief selection board was scuttled following allegations of aggravated hanky-panky.

— And a U.S. Army colonel serving with a German division thought it was a good idea to go on Facebook and criticize Angela Merkel for “ruining” Germany.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons