Trump Takes the Global Stage

With upcoming trips to Europe and the Middle East, what can we expect from these high-profile and greatly anticipated meetings?

On this episode of The E.R., Max Boot joins us to discuss his new book "The Road Not Taken."
On this episode of The E.R., Max Boot joins us to discuss his new book "The Road Not Taken."

On this week’s second episode of The E.R., David Rothkopf, Kori Schake, Derek Chollet, and Sharon Weinberger look ahead to Trump’s first globetrotting tour as president. With a planned trip to Europe at the end of May, where Trump will meet with NATO allies and G-7 members, what are the headlines that are bound to come out of these meetings? Will the U.S. president throw fireballs or will he play nice? Hopefully, the panel argues, his Cabinet will lay most of the groundwork ahead of time, so all he has to do is show up.

And on the heels of the Europe trip,  Trump will also make a stop in the Middle East, meeting with members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Israel. The team predicts that the Middle East is likely where he’ll receive the warmest welcome, while his trip to Europe may spark mass protests.

Sharon Weinberger is FP’s executive editor for news. She is also the author of The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency that Changed the World. Follow her on Twitter: @weinbergersa.

Derek Chollet is a contributing editor to FP’s Shadow Government blog. He is also executive vice president and senior advisor for security and defense policy at the German Marshall Fund. He’s the former U.S. assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs and is the author of The Long Game: How Obama Defied Washington and Redefined America’s Role in the World. Follow him on Twitter: @derekchollet.

Kori Schake is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, where she focuses on military history, and a former foreign-policy advisor to Sen. John McCain. Follow her on Twitter: @KoriSchake.

David Rothkopf is the CEO and editor of the FP Group. Follow him on Twitter: @djrothkopf.

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