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Has the U.S. Lost All Credibility on the International Stage?

As Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement, rails on Iran, and does a 180° on China, America’s allies are reeling and looking elsewhere for leadership.

On this episode of The E.R., Max Boot joins us to discuss his new book "The Road Not Taken."
On this episode of The E.R., Max Boot joins us to discuss his new book "The Road Not Taken."

On this week’s second episode of The E.R., Ben Pauker, Colin Kahl, Alicia Wittmeyer, and Dan De Luce dive in and decode this week’s crazy news cycle. Hitting on Trump’s impending announcement about the Paris climate deal, the team discusses the implications this will cause, not only for climate change and America’s commitment to green energy, but also the U.S. relationship with its strongest allies. Does this put China — which reaffirmed its obligation on Thursday — as the frontrunner for sustainable, strategic international environmental policy?

And speaking of reliability, the endless stream of new findings in the Russia investigation, Trump’s neglect to reaffirm Article 5 at the NATO summit, and his overall distaste for backing up America’s oldest allies is becoming a huge problem. The international order is changing, and changing quick, and it seems like the Trump administration is just one self-inflicted wound after another.

Colin Kahl is a contributing editor to FP’s Shadow Government blog. He’s currently a professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in the security studies program, and was previously the deputy assistant to President Barack Obama and national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden. Follow him on Twitter at: @ColinKahl.

Alicia Wittmeyer is FP’s Europe editor, based in London. Follow her on Twitter: @APQW.

Dan De Luce is FP’s chief national security correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @dandeluce.

Ben Pauker is FP’s executive editor for the web. Follow him on Twitter: @benpauker.

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