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Reading rainbow: Listing the lists

Some of H.R. McMaster’s greatest hits, and more.



— Some of H.R. McMaster’s greatest hits.


— Some of H.R. McMaster’s greatest hits.

— Sen. John McCain’s list of favorite books. I was surprised at how many of my own favorites are on this list.

— An excellent list of readings on military leadership.

— A list of books about women in the military. (And why do we have the phrase “women soldiers”? Shouldn’t it be “female soldiers”?)

— Barno and Bensahel’s summer reading list.

— The “Army/Navy etc. Times” list.

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s list of five.

— A Naval officer’s top five.

— And more.

Royal Air Force reading list.

— Favorite books of some University of Chicago professors.

— Angry Staff Officer’s summer reading plan, which may not have survived its first contact with reality.

— An introduction to military innovation.

— The Guardian goes with a very British (and some American) list of the 100 best nonfiction books. The compiler does like Orwell, but inexplicably picks his Road to Wigan Pier, which is marred by a sloppy second half.

— And why not? Steve Earle’s list of his five favorite Rolling Stones songs. (Me, I can’t listen to any Stones’ albums these days except for “Exile on Main Street,” and I even edited that down to one album.)

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