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The new ForeignPolicy.com.
The new ForeignPolicy.com. (Foreign Policy)

Much has changed since Foreign Policy debuted in the winter of 1970 as a slender print journal dedicated to being “revisionist” and yet seemingly designed to fit snugly into a gentleman’s blazer. Vietnam was still in full swing (a war the founders made clear needed ending); race relations in the United States were on full boil; and concerns about population growth, pollution, and resource exhaustion all merited mention in the introductory note. “An era in American foreign policy,” they wrote, “has ended.” Many of these same concerns still dominate our nations’ headlines, and likewise a new chapter in America’s relations with the world seems upon us.

Today, FP is a daily website and glossy print magazine, with podcasts, events, and readers all over the globe. As our ambitions have broadened, so has our staff — with a reporting team in Washington, D.C., and editors on five continents. But the ethos remains much the same: a publication designed to counter conventional thinking on international politics and U.S. foreign policy — occasionally argumentative, sometimes irreverent, and always rooted in fact. Or, as the founders put it, “serious but not scholarly, lively but not glib, and critical without being negative.”

The new website you see here is the product of a year’s work for our small team and yet still a work in progress. We’ll keep building and improving, and we welcome (polite) comments and suggestions. It’s designed to be more elegant and more representative of the insightful analysis and reporting we publish each day. It’s also easier to navigate, with cleaner direction to the stories that matter to you, but with fewer pop-ups and drop-downs and other things that get in the way of reading. We’ve also reduced the page load times, which should improve the overall experience, particularly for our mobile readers. The goal is to highlight for both casual readers and avid subscribers the quality of the writing and thinking that goes into each piece of work.

So take a look around and let us know what you think. We’re proud of our evolution these past 47 years and thrilled about this new chapter.

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