Reporter’s Notebook: Brazil’s Forgotten Children and Russia’s #MeToo Problem

FP’s April magazine: “The End of Human Rights” tackled issues from the Amazon to Vladivostok. On today’s E.R. episode, we talk to two contributors.

Foto, Michael Melo
Foto, Michael Melo

Foreign Policy’s April 2018 issue — titled “The End of Human Rights” — took readers across the globe to the frontlines of the world’s most contentious human rights debates.

Today on The E.R., we present our second reporters’ notebook, where FP’s print editor, Sarah Wildman, talks to contributors and unpacks the story behind the stories.

In the first half, we invited Cleuci de Oliveira to talk about the limits of human rights in her piece, “The Right to Kill.” Her story covers the ongoing heartbreaking debate raging in Brazil over whether indigenous peoples living in remote tribes have the right to continue to kill children and infants born with disabilities that would hinder their ability to survive in the Amazon.

Wildman then talks to Amie Ferris-Rotman, formerly FP’s Moscow correspondent. Ferris-Rotman investigated why the #MeToo movement swept the United States and Europe but seemed to skip Russia.

Sarah Wildman is FP’s deputy editor for print. Follow her on Twitter: @SarahAWildman

Cleuci de Oliveira is a journalist based in Brasília, Brazil. Follow her on Twitter: @CLEUCl

Amie Ferris-Rotman was FP’s Moscow correspondent. Follow her on Twitter: @Amie_FR

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