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Special Report

Facing the Future of Work

How to adapt to robots, AI, trade wars, and an aging planet.

July 16, 2018  |  Illustrations by John Tomac

Why India Gives Uber 5 Stars

Gig work offers a leg up in the developing world.

By Ravi Agrawal

Then They Came for the Lawyers

Technology has already driven blue-collar workers into the underclass. Professionals may be next.

By Ryan Avent

Our Data, Ourselves

How to stop tech firms from monopolizing our personal information.

By Philip N. Howard

Closing the Factory Doors

For two centuries, countries have used low-wage labor to climb out of poverty. What will happen when robots take those jobs?

By Christina Larson

Who Will Care for the Carers?

As populations age, countries will need ever more primary health workers and aides — jobs robots will never do well. So why do we treat these workers so badly?

By Sarita Gupta and Ai-jen Poo

Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Robots can actually create jobs — if countries get their trade policies right.

By Michael Lind

First They Came for the Immigrants. Then They Came for the Robots.

Politicians must prepare voters for automation; otherwise, opportunistic populists will seize the agenda.

By Bruce Stokes

The New Economy's Old Business Model Is Dead

Tech companies are used to pairing big revenues with small labor forces. But they'll soon be forced to become massive job creators.

By Henry Farrell

The Red Dress illustration for Foreign Policy

Learning to Work With Robots

AI will change everything. Workers must adapt – or else.

By Molly Kinder

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