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Help Foreign Policy Pick Its Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2018

We’re asking for readers’ help in building our list of the year’s most influential names.


Every year, Foreign Policy puts out a list of the world’s top 100 Global Thinkers.

2018 marks the 10th year of this special edition, and to mark it, we are holding 10 spots on the list for readers to decide. This is your chance to help us pick the most important Global Thinkers of this year.

Enter the name of your nominee, your email address, and a brief explanation justifying your selection. Keep in mind that your choice should be based on contributions made in the last 12 months in foreign policy, international security, global economics, technology, business, health care, climate change, art, activism, or science.

For reference, check out 2017’s list here and 2016’s here. We’ll announce this year’s list in January.

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