Will the Coronavirus Kill Globalization?

The pandemic is legitimizing nationalists and turning their xenophobia into policy.

By Philippe Legrain

The Ugly End of Chimerica

The coronavirus pandemic has turned a conscious uncoupling into a messy breakup.

By Orville Schell

The World After the Coronavirus

The pandemic will change the world forever. We asked 12 leading global thinkers for their predictions.

How to Save Global Capitalism From Itself

Decentralizing decision-making can help left-behind regions get back on track.

By Raghuram Rajan

Britain’s Post-Brexit Identity Crisis

Boris Johnson has contradictory ideas for his country’s future—and no clear paths for getting there.

By James Crabtree

A Most Lonely Union

The EU is a creature of multilateralism. Can it survive in a deglobalized world?

By Henry Farrell

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