April 16, 2020

South Korean President Moon Jae-in discusses a coronavirus response with global leaders and shares South Korea's strategy during a virtual summit in Seoul on March 26.

South Korea Is a Liberal Country Now

Moon Jae-in’s crushing victories have permanently reshaped his nation’s politics.

Bavarian Premier Markus Söder

Germany Found a Strongman for Its Coronavirus Crisis

The Bavarian governor’s law-and-order paternalism has been extraordinarily popular—and could shape the country’s post-Merkel future.

Medical personnel work at Razi hospital, which has been allocated to treat COVID-19 patients in Ghaenshar, Iran, on April 9.

Iran’s Nurses Are Martyrs to Trump’s Maximum Pressure

The Trump administration’s sanctions have made it impossible for Iranian medical personnel to keep themselves safe amid the pandemic.

A drawing by Augustus Tholey depicting leaders of the Continental Congress in 1775 (from left): John Adams, Robert Morris, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.

Europe Needs an Alexander Hamilton, Not More Budget Hawks

Without mutual debt in the form of Eurobonds, the continent’s economic crisis will get worse, Euroskepticism will increase, and the EU could fall apart.

Military soldiers follow social distancing guidelines as they meet while setting up a field hospital at CenturyLink Event Center on March 31, in Seattle, Washington.

Pentagon Worries Social Distancing Could Impede America’s Deterrent

The U.S. military confronts a trade-off between maintaining readiness for war and the health of its service members.

Foreign Policy illustration

No, the Coronavirus Will Not Change the Global Order

We should be skeptical toward claims that the pandemic changes everything. China won’t benefit, and the United States will remain preeminent.

An ambulance sits parked near the U.S. Capitol building.

Key Nominees Sit in Limbo as Trump Grapples with Senate

U.S. scrambling to fill major posts addressing the coronavirus pandemic and economic aid.

Rep. Mac Thornberry

Congress Seeks to Confront China With $6 Billion in New Defense Spending

If Beijing is the problem, let’s “put our money where our mouth is,” says a senior Republican.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci reviews members of the Kosovo Security Force during a ceremony in Pristina on March 5.

Trump Is Stirring Chaos in Kosovo at the Worst Possible Time

A political crisis encouraged by the United States threatens to worsen the coronavirus outbreak.

An officer takes the temperature of a commuter passing through a police checkpoint in Quezon City, the Philippines

Duterte’s Response to the Coronavirus: ‘Shoot Them Dead’

The Philippines president’s order to kill quarantine violators amid coronavirus chaos tests democracy yet again in his country.

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