With 50 years of award-winning journalism and analysis, Foreign Policy is regarded at the forefront of media organizations devoted to insightful (and impartial) coverage of global affairs. FP reaches an international audience of millions, and serves as a trusted source of reporting and commentary for world leaders and influentials across government, business, and education.

Anchored by its distinguished legacy, and with an eye to creative collaboration, FP consistently delivers for digital and print advertisers, event sponsors and analytics clients a high-caliber audience and solution in support of shared business objectives.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Events — Including FP signature events, like HerPower, Food Forever, Diplomat of the Year, and PeaceGame simulations, to client-focused custom events in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Podcasts — Full lifecycle podcast creation, from ideation and production to promotion and live events.
  • Advertising & Promotions — Newsletter sponsorship (a selection of seven FP email newsletters) and advertising across FP channels, digital and print.
  • FP Analytics — Data-driven, topical, and impactful research and analysis and simulation development, providing clients with actionable intelligence and opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership.

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