Amos Harel


Will Donald Trump Kill the Two-State Solution?

Right-wingers are euphoric, hoping the president-elect will preside over the death of the two-state solution. But Netanyahu seems to know better.


Israel Is Beginning to Eat Its Own

An unrelenting wave of Palestinian violence has Israeli leaders at each other’s throats — and it’s going to get even uglier.


Israel’s Vanishing Red Lines in Syria

Russia’s intervention in support of Bashar al-Assad is making it a lot more difficult for Benjamin Netanyahu to keep the Iranian threat at bay.


Can Israel Still Scuttle the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Benjamin Netanyahu has legitimate worries about the nuclear deal with Iran. But with no leverage in Washington to argue his case, how far is he willing to go?


Bibi and the Lost Boys

Can Netanyahu find Israel's three kidnapped teenagers without destroying his own government and tearing the West Bank apart?

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About Amos Harel

Amos Harel is the senior military correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.



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