Cengiz Yar


The Lost Children of Mosul

Thousands of young Iraqis have been trapped, displaced, or killed as the fight to retake the city from the Islamic State enters its seventh month.


Clawing Into Mosul, Block by Block

With the Islamic State dug in on the western bank of the Tigris, the Iraqi Army braces for the bloodiest phase of the fight.


Candy and Crossroads in Qayyarah

Displaced by ongoing fighting, Iraqi families are braving the journey to safety and stability not far from the offensive in Mosul.


Protests and Pot Smoking in the City of Brotherly Love

Bernie Sanders supporters and the Pro-Hillary camp struggle to unite outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


Packing Heat in Public Square

On the streets of Cleveland, armed protesters, police, and skeptical Clevelanders gather outside the Republican National Convention.


‘The Peshmerga Isn’t Afraid of ISIS’

Fighting on the front lines, Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers have joined the Iraqi Army in a bloody battle against the Islamic State. But sharing a common enemy doesn’t make them easy allies.

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About Cengiz Yar

Cengiz Yar Jr. is a documentary photographer based in Chicago. Follow Cengiz on Twitter: @cengizyar



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