Charles Lister

Charles Lister is a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute and a senior consultant to The Shaikh Group’s Track II Syria Dialogue Initiative. Follow him on Twitter at: @Charles_Lister.


Trump’s Syria Strategy Would Be a Disaster

The president-elect wants to ally with Assad and Russia to fight the Islamic State – but he’s going to end up empowering extremists and causing chaos across the Middle East.


The Nusra Front Is Dead and Stronger Than Ever Before

The Islamic State’s main rival has just broken ties with al Qaeda, but don't expect it to moderate its jihadi goals. It's actually laying a trap for the United States.


Why Assad Is Losing

Syria's rebels are making sweeping gains, as foreign powers up support and work with Islamist fighters. But the regime isn't about to go down without a fight.

The Middle East Channel

Syria’s New Rebel Front

A new and dangerous front appears to have opened in Syria. Since early January 3, members of three militant fronts -- the largely nationalist Syrian ...

The Middle East Channel

The Next Phase of the Syrian Conflict

U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford confirmed on Wednesday what many had predicted, that Syria's Islamic Front (IF) had refused to hold meetings with representatives ...

The Middle East Channel

Syria’s multipolar war

Notwithstanding some speculation, Syria has become an intensely complex conflict. Militarily, the opposition currently consists of more than 1,000 armed opposition groups as well as ...

The Middle East Channel

Syria’s insurgency beyond Good Guys and Bad Guys

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told the Senate on September 4 that "bad guys" and "extremists" make up between 15 and 25 percent of ...

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