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Hanna Trudo is a researcher at Foreign Policy.
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           Over the past week, Eastern Europe has been gripped by a cold snap that has killed some 250 people. In Ukraine, 101 people have died  and over 1,000 have been hospitalized for frostbite. In Russia,   rapid snowfall and severe temperatures have killed at least 64 people, which could deter opposition protestors from braving the bitter cold this weekend -- despite the encouragement of some scantily clad female activists   -- to make their voice heard.  Countries across Europe are now bracing for the cold front, as Italy,   England, and France begin to feel the chill after an unusually mild  winter. Here are some of the most dramatic winter scenes so far.       Above, a girl looks through the ice-covered window of a  kindergarten in Minsk, Belarus, on Feb. 2. Temperatures there dropped on Feb. 3 to -27  degrees Celsius.

Cold Snap

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