Paul McLeary

Paul McLeary is Foreign Policy’s senior reporter covering the U.S. Defense Department and national security issues. He joined the Washington office in 2015 after working for Defense News, where he was also on the Pentagon beat, and covered stories relating to Pentagon spending and the defense industry. While there, and in a previous incarnation as a New York-based reporter, Paul embedded with U.S. Army and Marine Corps units in Iraq and Afghanistan to cover ground combat operations, where he got inside a secretive drone program being run out of Bagram air base. He has also traveled with the U.S. Navy, covered NATO meetings in Europe with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and stalked major international arms shows in Paris and London.

The Cable

SitRep: BREAKING: Trump Reverses Aides, Admits He Shared Classified Info. With Russians; McMaster to Brief Press; NATO Simplifying Meeting For Trump

Syria Accused Of Cremating Thousands of Prisoners; Ransomware Update; Mattis Phone Number Leaked Via Sticky Note; Turkey and Germany Square Off Over Incirlik

The Cable

SitRep: North Korea Says It’s Nuke Ready; Another Afghan Surge; UAE, Turkish Leaders Come to White House

Japan Boosting Missile Defenses; Global Cyber Attack Deepens; ISIS Deal Cancelled by U.S. Air Force; And Lots More

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