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Daniel W. Drezner

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The Biggest Foreign Policy Screw-Up of 2013

At the end of last week, The New Yorker’s John Lee Anderson compiled a list of the top twelve "Geostrategic Gestures of 2013."  Now, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how "geostrategic" is different from "strategic."  This could lead me into going off on a rant about commentators attaching "geo-" or "neo-" to every f**king word ...

Why the Trade Deal in Bali Was a Game-Changer

Readers of this blog are by now bored aware that I’m finishing off a book on post-2008 global economic governance, in which I take the contrarian view that the system worked surprisingly well after the collapse of Lehman Brothers to avert a second Great Depression.  Of course, not everyone shares this view, and there has ...