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Obama’s ‘Don’t Do Stupid Shit’ Foreign Policy

From hope and change, to resets and pivots, to singles and doubles, to not sticking your finger in the electric socket. How far we've fallen.

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As technological development shifts into hyperspeed, governments remain stuck in neutral.

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Course Correction

Dealing with dictators cost the U.S. its soul. Now it's time to atone.

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The 2013 Top Ten List of Gifts (and Lumps of Coal) for World Leaders

Who was naughty, who was nice, and who isn't going to get what they want for Christmas this year.

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It’s Not About Snowden — It’s About Madison

The jig is up for anyone who argues that the Constitution doesn't cover metadata.

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Dysfunction Junction

Public officials from Beijing to D.C. are failing to rise to the world's challenges. That's where FP's Global Thinkers come in.

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What Would W Do?

Lessons in disaster recovery from Bush's underappreciated second-term rebound.

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This Deal Won’t Seal Itself

Why Obama has to lean in to the nuclear negotiations with Iran.


Waiting in the Wings

As America's star power dims, who will take center stage?

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Mr. President, We Can Handle the Truth

Why it's time for the White House to get ahead of the NSA scandal.

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False Fronts

How the biggest intelligence community scandal in modern memory and Washington's infamous Twitter troll expose the real D.C.


Sisyphus at the State Department

From Iran to Syria to Israel, can the United States keep pushing boulders up a hill?

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The Power Paradox

Why America can only be great by being unexceptional.


Pre-Existing Condition

It's not Obamacare or the shutdown that's the problem -- it's the lack of American leadership.

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