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The Reluctant Firewall

Can the Obama administration afford to sit on the sidelines while the European economic crisis worsens?

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Bitter Medicine

Bailing out the banks may be hard to stomach, but it's the only way to prevent a global economy predicated on financial institutions from plunging into recession.


It’s the Politics, Stupid

The eurozone crisis isn't about debt or deficits -- it's about a dysfunctional political system.


A Bridge to Nowhere

The Brussels plan is a decent stopgap. But if Europe's countries in crisis can't hold out long enough to start growing their economies again, it won't matter.

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Interview: Larry Summers

Foreign Policy speaks with President Barack Obama's former top economic advisor about how European leaders can break their cycle of crisis summits -- and how vulnerable America is if it all spirals out of control.

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The Last Hope for Redemption

If European policymakers really do care about saving the monetary union, they're going to have to stop talking -- and start issuing Eurobonds.


Downward Spiral

Europe's crisis is morphing again -- for the third time in only 12 months -- and the implications for the global economy are even more complex, unsettling, and troubling.


Where There’s a Will…

If the founding members of the eurozone don't get their acts together, the euro will collapse.

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The Icarus Zone

Never before has a monetary union been so full of anticipation and hype. Should we have known that the euro would buckle?

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An Exorbitant Burden

Why keeping the dollar as the world's reserve currency is a massive drag on the struggling U.S. economy.

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The New Triumvirate

Sayonara yen. By 2025, the renminbi, dollar, and euro will control the international currency system.

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The Buck Stays Here

Why the dollar isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Dreaming of SDRs

Why the IMF's long dreamed-of Special Drawing Rights will always be the currency of the future.

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The Multilateral Vacuum

If Washington can't get the Chinese to revalue their currency, can international institutions be of any help?


The Renminbi: The Political Economy of a Currency

Why it's a mistake for the United States to fear the yuan.

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