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Don’t Like That Israel Has the Bomb? Blame Nixon.

Newly declassified documents reveal how the Nixon White House looked the other way while Israel built the Middle East’s first nukes.

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Vladimir Channels the Gipper

Putin's rationale for invading Crimea sounds a lot like Reagan's for invading Grenada.

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CIA Admits It Was Behind Iran’s Coup

The agency finally owns up to its role in the 1953 operation.

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The Secret History of the U-2

A just-released CIA report pulls the covers off America's most famous spy plane -- and Area 51.

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Venting and Complaining

How the United States and the Soviet Union tried to conceal the problem of radioactive leaks from underground nuclear tests.

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Israel’s Secret Uranium Buy

How Argentina fueled Ben-Gurion's nuclear program.

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Mission: Assassination

The CIA's a lot better at targeted killing now than it used to be.

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War Scare

The real-life war game that almost led to nuclear armageddon.

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When America Became a Cyberwarrior

A secret document shows the NSA has been planning attacks since the Clinton years.


Will Chinese Troops Cross the Yalu?

U.S. intelligence looks at Beijing's military options in North Korea.

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A Clear View from Foggy Bottom

How State Department analysts  -- and no one else -- foresaw the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.


Our Man in Havana

Was USAID planning to overthrow Castro?


The Plan to Stop Green-on-Blue Violence

The Pentagon’s secret PowerPoint on Afghan insider attacks.

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