Polish soldiers construct a barbed-wire fence on the border with Belarus

Russia and Belarus Are Using Migrants as a Weapon Against the EU

Authoritarian regimes in Moscow and Minsk are aiding Iraqis and Afghans in order to sow chaos and domestic discord in Eastern European countries.

A man walks past a United Russia party campaign poster in Moscow.

The Kremlin’s Don’t-Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign

Russia isn’t cracking heads ahead of this weekend’s parliamentary vote—just boring people away from the polls.

Supporters wave German flags.

Germany Braces for Election Disinformation

A growing conspiracy movement is likely to spread false narratives about the results, with echoes of Trump.

The flag of the Islamic Emirate is painted on the wall outside the former U.S. Embassy in Kabul

Life Under the Taliban

A few weeks after militants took over Kabul and the country, Afghanistan has gone back to a past it didn’t miss.

The aftermath of a fire in Antalya, Turkey

Erdogan’s AKP: We Didn’t Start the Fire

Why Turkey’s ruling party views environmentalism as a threat.

Gravediggers carry the coffin of a coronavirus victim in Indonesia.

Indonesia Can’t Keep Up With Its COVID-19 Cases

As the massive wave driven by the delta variant spreads to outlying regions, official data may not reflect the scale of the tragedy.

A tear-gassed protester in Thailand

Thailand’s Protests Are Turning Dangerously Violent

Brutal police responses have prompted a shift in once-peaceful movements.

Forest fire in Greece

Conspiracy Theories Rise From the Ashes of Greece’s Fires

The government can claim real successes amid the disaster, but rumors are running wild.

A man stands in a doorway

Taliban Takeover Seen as a Boon for Human Smugglers

Along one part of the Turkish border, hundreds of new Afghan migrants show up every day.

Iran's then-Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (R) meeting with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (C) of the Taliban in Tehran on Jan. 31.

Why Iran Will Welcome the Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

Tehran’s Shiite regime has strategic, economic, ideological, and ecological reasons for backing Sunni extremists.

Displaced Afghans at a makeshift camp in the Shahr-e-Naw park in northwestern Kabul on Aug. 12.

Many Afghans Fear for Their Lives as Taliban Fighters Take Kabul

In a new chapter for Afghanistan, women are particularly vulnerable.

Newly graduated Afghan National Army cadets march during their graduation ceremony at the Kabul Military Training Center in Kabul on Dec. 30, 2014.

What Went Wrong With Afghanistan’s Defense Forces?

Ten provincial capitals have fallen in a week, and Kabul is teetering.

Men walk in Zaranj, Afghanistan.

More Provinces, Atrocities for Rampaging Taliban

Six more Afghan provinces fell over the weekend, and Kabul fears the “country will fall apart.”

A militia member rests in Afghanistan.

With Militias in Herat, ‘We Are Caught Between Bad and Worse’

Killings by militiamen in Herat underscore the risks of relying on armed civilians to fight off the Taliban.

Storay Karimi gives directions.

Taliban Rampage Puts Afghan Journalists in Crosshairs

The last 20 years saw a renaissance in the Afghan media landscape. Now, it’s crumbling.

A protester on the anniversary of the Beirut blast.

Lebanese Mark One-Year Anniversary of Blast With Protests, Rage, and Remembrance

No one has been held accountable for the explosion, even as Lebanon spirals further into economic catastrophe.

Rodrigo Tuz Díaz, 11, a student at the Ignacio Ramírez Calzada primary school, works on his schoolwork at his home in the Indigenous community of Celtún, Yucatán state, Mexico, on May 3, as schools remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexico’s School Closures Are Increasing Inequality

With schools shut for over a year, limited access to technology is exacerbating the education gap, leaving Indigenous communities behind.

The Hungarian prime minister is at a press conference.

Hungary’s Orban Tries to Snatch Mantle of Christian Democracy

Europe’s “illiberal democrat” is on a quest to remake the continent’s politics.

Afghan militia in Herat, Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s War Splinters as Southern Tribes Fight for Spoils

Key cities including Herat and Kandahar could be the next to fall as Afghanistan’s nightmare continues.

People protest the Brazilian president.

The Pandemic’s Legacy Will Spur New Protests in Latin America

Increased economic inequality has only added to widespread discontent.