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How Do You Flee a Country Without Leaving It?

5 ways Edward Snowden can smuggle himself out of the Moscow airport.

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu/AFP/Getty Images

Why Is It So Hard to Identify the World’s Rape Capital?

How it's possible for Botswana and Sweden to top a global ranking of rape.

Paul O'Driscoll/Getty Images

Ice Removal

How easy is it to fence $50 million worth of stolen diamonds?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Can Poor People Open a Swiss Bank Account?

Bad news: You need more than a passport, some pocket change, and a healthy disdain for the IRS.

Ed Jones/AFP/GettyImages

Gimme Shelter

So, how do you take refuge in an embassy, anyway?

Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images

How Do You Prove Someone’s a Witch in Saudi Arabia?

Call the religious police's Anti-Witchcraft Unit and get them to set up a sting operation.

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