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Great Expectations

Are the Pentagon budget planners encouraging bad behavior?

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Echoes of 1914

A strange, dangerous, and oddly familiar era -- of declining American power, global rebalancing, and profound inequality -- is upon us.

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The Little Budget Deal is a Big Deal

What's good for the country is even better for the Pentagon -- stability.

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Six Ways to Manage the Five-Sided Building

How the Pentagon can get in shape now for the coming budget cuts.

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Rebalancing the World Stage

Why America can no longer be both an actor and director.

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Facing Reality at the Pentagon

Washington is clearly insane. But have military planners finally come to grips with the sequester?

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Absurdistan, D.C.

How Republicans are threatening to turn Washington into a failed state.

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Shots Fired

The battles over a drawdown at the Pentagon may have begun, but senior leadership is still prioritizing politics over hard budget realities.

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Get Real

The House proposal to keep defense spending down is a big deal -- and a reality check for the Pentagon.

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Bad Leftovers

Why there's little hope for a solution to Congress's budget woes.


This Is Not a Horror Story

Why you shouldn't worry about the Pentagon cutting personnel.

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Intervention on the Cheap

Lawmakers trying to tie Syria to sequestration don't seem to realize we've already paid for this war.

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Return of the Precipice

Raising the curtain on this fall's fight over the defense budget.

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The Shoots of Hope Spring Eternal

But when it comes to the federal budget, are they weeds?

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The Pentagon’s Stages of Budget Grief

There's been denial and anger, and now bargaining with the SCMR. When do we get to acceptance?

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