A protester wears a mask resembling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

How a Plea Bargain for Netanyahu Could Realign Israeli Politics

The terms offered would keep him out of prison but also out of office.

Concertina wire along a Polish border crossing with Belarus.

Will Poland’s Border Emergency Become Permanent?

After months of closure, Foreign Policy gets an authorized glimpse into the militarized Polish-Belarusian border zone.

Tunisians shout slogans as they protest against Tunisian President Kais Saied in Tunis, Tunisia, on Dec. 17, 2021.

How a Garbage Dump Foretells Tunisia’s Future

President Kais Saied promised to confront corruption and defend poor Tunisians. Now, his government is abandoning and brutalizing them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his annual press conference at the Manege exhibition hall in central Moscow on Dec. 23.

Putin Remains Defiant, Threatens Ukraine in Annual Presser

Russia’s year-end telethon ends with the usual bombast about Ukraine, NATO, and Father Frost.

A boy holds a toy gun.

Lockdowns Produced a New Generation of Child Soldiers

In Colombia, armed groups have treated the pandemic as a recruitment opportunity.

A hand gesticulates next to a Polish and European Union flag.

Poland’s Twin Crises

Warsaw is challenging Brussels on the rule of law but using an immigration crisis to soften any pushback.

President Joe Biden speaks in a virtual meeting with Canadian counterparts.

Fear and Hand-Wringing in Halifax

Almost a year into the Biden administration, U.S. allies are still grappling with shaken confidence and unease.

City of David National Park

Israel Is Enlisting King David to Sell the Abraham Accords

The government wants to boost Arab tourism, and it’s sending visitors to an archeological park in East Jerusalem with a particular twist.

Migrant children peer through a barbed wire fence as security forces in riot gear on the other side look back at them.

The Poland-Belarus Border Crisis Is a Harbinger of the Future

The crisis is a window into the pitfalls of prevailing migration politics.

Men walk near the Torkham border crossing.

Afghan Refugees Get Cold Welcome in Pakistan

The Taliban takeover has pushed many Afghans over the border and into another kind of limbo.

A Ugandan police officer stands at the doorway of a bullet-riddled house.

The Myth of ‘Stray Bullets’ in Uganda

A year ago, the state shot to death scores of citizens. No one has been held accountable.

Thai protesters in front of the German Embassy in Bangkok

Reform Is Becoming Treason in Thailand

Government courts accuse students of attempting to overthrow the monarchy.

Candidates for the 2022 French presidential election lay a wreath for Charles de Gaulle

France’s Mainstream Political Parties Are a Dying Breed

As the presidential election looms, the parties that ruled France for half a century are now fighting for their very survival.

An armed Tunisian police officer stands guard in front of a tall metal gate behind which fly Tunisian flags.

Kais Saied’s Unholy Marriage of Convenience With Tunisia’s Police

Police impunity has long plagued the country. Now, it could get even worse.

Palestinians extinguish a fire set by settlers in a field near Burin, West Bank.

Israeli Settlers Escalate Violence in West Bank

“They will certainly come again,” 21-year-old Asil Eid said. They did.

Greicy Estefania, the 6-year-old daughter of ex-combatant Esmeralda Ranjel, and her friend Desiree ride their bicycles past a mural of female ex-combatants of the Colombian rebel group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Pondores, Colombia, on Oct. 3.

As Colombia’s Peace Crumbles, Female Guerrillas Wonder What’s Left for Them

Many joined the FARC to escape traditional gender roles. Now they’re being forced back.

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left), looks on while behind him sits incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (right)

Why a Political Comeback for Israel’s Netanyahu Just Became a Lot Less Likely

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett passes a budget bill and signals stable leadership.

Oleg Blinov, the 43-year-old Russian captain of the SIRIUS-21 space simulation, shows his T-Shirt promoting the program in Moscow on Oct. 13.

U.S. and Russia Find Some Common Ground—in Space

A joint U.S.-Russian experiment to study long-term space travel is a rare bit of cooperation between the two rivals.

A Taliban police officer prepares to transport a handcuffed heroin addict by motorbike to a small police station in Wardak province’s remote Chak district on Sept. 17.

12 Million Angry Men

The Taliban promised justice. They are hard-pressed to provide it.

The Azerbaijani army patrols the streets of Shusha on Sept. 25 under a sign that reads: "Dear Shusha, you are free. Dear Shusha, we are back. Dear Shusha, we will resurrect you. Shusha is ours."

From the Ruins of War, a Tourist Resort Emerges

Shusha was the key to the recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Now Baku wants to turn the fabled fortress town into a resort.