A Palestinian activist confronts a soldier in Jerusalem.

A Deeply Divided Israel Greets New Coalition Government

The “change government” of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid promises little real change—other than an end to Netanyahu.

An Afghan Commandos soldier stands guard.

Afghan Air Force Could Be Grounded After U.S. Pullout

The one advantage the Afghan army had on the Taliban looks set to slip away with the hasty U.S. withdrawal.

Street artists paint a mural depicting COVID-19 front-line workers in Nepal.

Nepal’s Vaccine Disaster Has Left Millions Unprotected

Alleged corruption and geopolitical worries have created a deadly shortage.

Sons help their father at an Afghan hospital.

Afghanistan Swamped by COVID-19’s Third Wave

The government dithered and denied the pandemic’s severity. Now, a health disaster looms.

An offshore wind farm off South Korea

South Korea’s Big Bet on Green Energy Is Bogged Down

Seoul is building massive offshore wind farms, but fishing rights and protectionist sentiment may get in the way.

Hospital workers install new intensive care beds

Argentina Is the Pandemic’s Latest Hot Spot

An overloaded health system struggles to deal with a deadly second wave of the coronavirus.

Yansakai vigilante members surrender their guns.

Boko Haram Isn’t Nigeria’s Biggest Problem

Bandits in the country’s northwest are terrorizing civilians, destabilizing the region, and empowering jihadists.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi Is Dethroned

After innumerable elections, Israel might have an alternative to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinians demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, on May 18.

Gen Z Reclaims the Palestinian Cause

Youth activists on both sides of the Green Line have taken up the mantle abandoned by their ostensible leaders.

Palestinian children walk amid rubble in Gaza.

Why the Gaza Cease-Fire Won’t Mean Peace

The shooting has stopped, but the grievances that sparked the unrest are far from resolved.

People wave the Palestinian flag as they celebrate a cease-fire.

The Fighting Is Over but Underlying Causes Remain

A truce between Israel and Hamas fails to address core issues, including the siege on Gaza.

Immigration officers walk on a bridge built in 1948 that connects Nigeria with Cameroon at Mfum border station in Cross Rivers State, southeast Nigeria on February 1, 2018.

Separatist Movements in Nigeria and Cameroon Are Joining Forces

Escalating pro-independence movements by Anglophone Cameroonians and Biafrans are igniting ethnic tensions and could threaten regional stability.

Demonstrators clash with riot police during a protest in Cali, Colombia, on April 29.

In Colombia, Violence Against Protesters Is Exploding

The United States should invoke the Leahy Law to stop paying for it.

Arab and Jewish citizens clash in Israel.

How War With the Palestinians Triggered Ethnic Violence in Israel

In mixed towns across the country, Arab and Jewish citizens turn on one another.

Health workers arrange beds for COVID-19 patients at a care center in Amritsar, India, on May 9.

Mourning in India

Thanks to social media, grief has become collective—even as the pandemic has made it a lonely affair.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Sturgeon’s Vision for Independence Is on the Ballot in Scotland

The first minister’s party will almost certainly win the election this week, but the nationalist movement still faces divisions of its own.

Annalena Baerbock attends a press conference.

Germany’s Post-Pacifist Generation Is Nearing Power

The world according to Annalena Baerbock, the Green Party candidate—and frontrunner to become chancellor.

A health worker from a women's clinic in Islamabad.

The Global Gag Rule’s Long Shadow in Pakistan

Biden repealed major restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance, but anti-abortion ideology still limits crucial reproductive care in the places that need it most.

india funeral pyres covid cremation

For Indians Abroad, Talk of Home Is Terrifying

Watching a catastrophe unfold from afar has left India’s diaspora feeling angry and helpless.