A Greenpeace world map protests climate change.

Looking Back on a Year of Loss in International Relations

A group of influential intellectuals—and personal friends—passed away in 2021.

Sen. Bob Dole, Sen. Joseph Lieberman; Sven Alkalaj, Bosnian ambassador to the United States, and Sen. John Warner all put their hands together in the center in a gesture demonstrating team success.

How Bob Dole Saved Bosnia on Capitol Hill

Dole’s Bosnia advocacy throughout the 1992-1995 war made him the most consequential Bosnia hawk in Congress.

Colin Powell

Colin Powell, ‘Reluctant Warrior’ Who Made the Case for the Iraq War, Dead at 84

The first Black secretary of state and the youngest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell died of complications from COVID-19.

John Ruggie speaks onstage during the United Nations Global Compact 15TH Anniversary Celebration at Cipriani 42nd Street on June 25, 2015 in New York City.

A Realist Tribute to an Extraordinary Idealist

John Ruggie straddled the worlds of academia and policymaking—and was a powerful force in each.

Gail Omvedt stands in a doorway

Long Live Comrade Gail

A tribute to Gail Omvedt, a white American sociologist who left Dalits in mourning.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meets with retiring commander of CENTCOM Gen. Tommy Franks (left) in Tampa, Florida, on July 7, 2003.

Donald Rumsfeld Freed the World From ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’

His thinking on arms control proved prescient—but the howls reverberate to this day.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld speaks during a discussion at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Donald Rumsfeld, Iraq War Architect, Dead at 88

The two-time defense secretary’s hubris helped shape twin quagmires for U.S. forces.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Secretary of State George Shultz at the London Economic Summit on June 8, 1984.

Was George Shultz America’s Best Secretary of State?

Reagan’s top diplomat ended the Cold War and reshaped the world.

Argentinian soccer star Diego Armando Maradona talks to then-Cuban President Fidel Castro in October 2005.

Maradona, Soccer’s Brilliant, Troubled Superstar, Dead at 60

The Argentine legend is remembered both for his on-field prowess and his off-field political activism, especially in Latin America.

John Hume sits in front of the Stormont Parliament Buildings.

John Hume Left Behind a Peaceful—but Divided—Ireland

The Nobel Peace Laureate helped bring nearly three decades of bloodshed in Northern Ireland to an end. But reconciliation between the country’s communities remains unrealized.

A portrait of Brent Scowcroft in the offices of a midtown law firm in New York City on Feb. 4, 1988.

Brent Scowcroft, Former U.S. National Security Advisor, Dies at 95

A key foreign-policy guide to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, Scowcroft helped shape the National Security Council as we now know it.

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