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Dancing on the Debt Ceiling?

Hear what Foreign Policy columnist Adam Tooze has to say on this first episode of FP’s new weekly economics podcast, Ones and Tooze.


Wine-Making in Bethlehem

This episode explores the first Palestinian winery near Bethlehem and pays attention to the discussion of indigenous Palestinian grape varieties.

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Coming Soon: Ones and Tooze, with Adam Tooze

A new weekly Foreign Policy economics podcast with Adam Tooze and Cameron Abadi


Britain’s Role in the Afghan Debacle

This episode explores the 20-year war in Afghanistan from London’s perspective.


How Universal Payments Can Solve Global Poverty

This episode explores how alleviating poverty might be as simple as giving people money.


Disasters and Politics

On this episode, Chief Content Officer Tony Maciulis sat down with FP Playlist to discuss Ian Bremmer’s talk with Niall Ferguson on how human history is shaped by disaster. 

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Panel on the Situation in Afghanistan

Foreign Policy Editor in Chief Ravi Agrawal sits down with correspondent Lynne O'Donnell and Ashley Jackson discuss the situation on the ground in Kabul and the future of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.


How Israeli Diplomacy Paved the Way for NSO Deals

FP Playlist features the Haaretz Weekly podcast in an episode about the NSO Group and its surveillance software Pegasus.


Through Thick and Thin (Mints)

This week, we hear a podcast that tells stories from women in the U.S. intelligence community, their challenges, and how Girl Scout cookies can sometimes be a tool on the job.


HERO Podcast: The Women Setting the Gender Equality Agenda

On the latest Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women, two very influential women share what we need to move gender equity forward.


China Sanctions U.S. Religious Freedom Officials

USCIRF Spotlight host Dwight Bashir spoke about the groundbreaking move by the Chinese government to sanction two USCIRF commissioners over deeming the treatment of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang region as a genocide. 


HERO Podcast: Boosting Dairy Could Empower Women, Decrease Violence in Nigeria

On the latest Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women, learn how one program aims ease a conflict that has killed more people than Boko Haram.

Letty Chiwara

How Better Gender Data Is Uncovering Hidden Truths in Ethiopia

Why improving the quality of data on women, particularly in the Global South, is arguably the biggest first step toward major change.

Deepa, an Indian domestic worker

Why Are There so Many Women Informal Workers in India?

Despite India’s rapid growth in the last decade, around 95 percent of women are not in the formal sector. Women leaders share how to move forward.

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Rachel Vogelstein on Gender Equity

Rachel Vogelstein on how to ensure gender equity in a post-COVID-19 world.

A photo of Namara Eve with her husband and children.

Saving More by Changing Gender Roles in Uganda

Women’s savings groups have a lot of hype but mixed results. Financial counseling sessions with spouses could be a solution.


Creating Affordable, High-Quality Child Care—Lessons from Kenya

Learn about a new approach to affordable child care on the first episode of FP podcast the Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Dispatches From Around the World

Host Amy Mackinnon speaks with Pascale Harter, host of From Our Own Correspondent, a BBC staple and one of Amy’s favorite podcasts. Follow on your favorite podcast app or listen here.

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U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry on how the Biden administration is addressing climate change.


10 Years After the Tunisian Uprising

Foreign Policy recommends: Revolution 1.