What Does Putin Really Want?

This week on the show: Two Russia experts on Moscow’s Ukraine gambit.

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The Ones and Tooze Podcast: Can the Threat of More U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Save Ukraine?

Also on the showWhy the demand for egg freezing has soared during the pandemic.


Foreign Policy Playlist Podcast: North Korea and the Billion Dollar Hack

The digital heist that began with the hack of Sony Pictures


The Long Game Podcast: How Mohamed Salah Won Over Soccer Fans

How Liverpool’s star player changed hearts and minds.


Climate Leaders and the Power of Mentorship

Listen in on conversations between climate leaders and the mentors who inspire their work.

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The Ones and Tooze Podcast: How Inflation Works

Why prices are rising more quickly than at any time since 1982.

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The Negotiators Podcast: How A Finish Diplomat Negotiated the Release of Mothers and Children from Syria

Jussi Tanner spent nearly two years bargaining with the Kurdish-led autonomous government.


The Long Game Podcast: How A Palestinian Female Footballer Started a Movement

Honey Thalijeh grew up under Israeli military occupation but found a way forward through football.

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The Pentagon vs. Walmart

What will $768 billion buy the U.S. Defense Department, and how does the Pentagon measure up to private sector companies?

Listen to Heat of the Moment: The climate change crisis can feel so formidable, so daunting, that instead of mobilizing people to action, it engenders paralysis. What could we mortals possibly do to prevent the calamity? A fair bit, it turns out. On Heat of the Moment, a 12-part podcast by FP Studios, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds, we focus on ordinary people across the globe who have found ways to fight back.

Youth Climate Activists Are Suing Big Oil—and Winning

Youth activists in the Netherlands joined lawsuit against Shell as part of a new strategy to hold fossil energy companies accountable for unsustainable carbon dioxide emissions.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Rolling with the Putins

WorldAffairs co-host Ray Suarez sat down with FP Playlist to discuss how people come to understand world news and what issues will define this generation. 


The Long Game Podcast: How Rugby Helped Unify South Africa

A look at how South Africa’s 1995 Rugby World Cup win is still felt today.

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One and Tooze Podcast: Is Democracy Better for the Economy?

As Biden's democracy summit gets underway, Adam and Cameron discuss the economics of different systems of government.


FP Playlist: Hallucinations in the Amazon

Each week, an episode of “The Trip” follows someone as they drink “with exceptional people around the world.”


The Long Game Podcast: A Professional Basketball Player’s Hijab Journey

A Muslim athlete shares her story of expressing her true identity while on the court.