Foreign Policy Playlist: A Judoka Breaks Barriers

Each week, host Ibtihaj Muhammad tells heroing stories of courage and conviction, both on and off the court. 


Climate Migrants: Destination Duluth

How one woman and her family made the difficult decision to move.

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Do We Need to Worry About the Great Resignation?

In this episode, Cameron Abadi and Adam Tooze discuss the larger implications of the Great Resignation and the booming sales of pet food.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Misinformation in the Public Square

Explore how foreign nations are interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries by spreading misinformation.


Olympic Judoka Fights for Women in Afghanistan

The story of one of the first Afghan women to compete at the Olympics.


The Negotiators Podcast: From Gang Member to Gang Mediator

An ‘interrupter’ tells her story about preventing violence on the streets of Chicago.

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Ones and Tooze Podcast: Why $15 Billion Is Not Enough to Jump-Start Electric Cars in the United States

Ones and Tooze co-hosts Adam Tooze and Cameron Abadi discuss what the infrastructure bill will and won't do for the industry.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Torture and the CIA

With the 20 year anniversary of 911, this featured episode discusses the CIA’s torture programs in the wake of 9/11.


A Just Transition

How one town in Wyoming is moving away from coal.


The Negotiators Podcast: Just How Close Did Israelis and Palestinians Come to a Peace Deal in 2008?

Khaled Elgindy, a former advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team, provides an insider’s account of the Annapolis talks.

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Ones and Tooze Podcast: Jerome Powell vs. the Bond Markets.

Why soaring inflation is triggering moves and countermoves by the bond market and the Federal Reserve.


How a Regenerative Ocean Farmer Is Rethinking the Way We Eat

How a regenerative ocean farmer is rethinking the way we eat and produce our food.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Risk and Its Calculus

FP Pentagon reporter Jack Detsch sits down with Ret. General Stanley McChrystal and talks about his new book on calculating risk both on and off the battlefield. 


The Negotiators Podcast: Inside the Secret Talks that Led to a U.S. Prisoner Exchange with Iran

A non-governmental organization orchestrated the 2019 deal when relations between the two countries were at their lowest point. 

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A Guide to the COP26 Climate Summit

Ones and Tooze co-hosts Adam Tooze and Cameron Abadi discuss how the summit works and what to expect.


How One Sri Lankan Engineer Is Transforming His Community and Local Economy

Sasiranga de Silva, an engineer in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is improving the health and well-being of his community by converting diesel-powered tuk-tuks to electric.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Climate Resiliency

CNN climate analyst John Sutter dives deep into stories of those at the grassroots battling the climate crisis. 


The Negotiators: Inside the Grueling Negotiations That Led to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

As the U.S. tries to restore the Iran deal, one of its architects, Wendy Sherman, describes how it came about.