Foreign Policy Playlist: Climate Resiliency

CNN climate analyst John Sutter dives deep into stories of those at the grassroots battling the climate crisis. 


The Negotiators: Inside the Grueling Negotiations That Led to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

As the U.S. tries to restore the Iran deal, one of its architects, Wendy Sherman, describes how it came about.

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Ones and Tooze Podcast: Inflation—The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

Cameron Abadi and Adam Tooze explain how inflation works and discuss the possible impact. 


Foreign Policy Playlist: Tug of War in Afghanistan

Tug of War host and Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward sat down with FP Playlist to discuss her reporting in Afghanistan, the rise of autocracies and more in this special episode of Playlist. 


What Developing Countries Can Teach the World About Climate Resiliency

A look at what developing countries can demonstrate to the world about climate resiliency and the importance of community-based activism in implementing societal change.


Paris’s Promises and Glasgow’s Gut Check: Assessing the U.N. Climate Change Conference’s Impact

The second season looks back at the historic 2015 Paris Agreement and previews what to look forward to at this year’s U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.


Foreign Policy Playlist: The Paris Climate Agreement

From large-scale international conflict to gang violence, this new FP series takes listeners into the world of negotiations, both successful and not. 


The Negotiators: Inside the Talks that Ended a Bloody Conflict in the Philippines

More than 120,000 people died until a government negotiator found a formula for making peace with Muslim separatists. Hear her story on this podcast.


Heat of the Moment Season Two – Coming Oct. 21

Stories from the front lines of the fight against climate change.

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Ones and Tooze Podcast: The Economics Revolution and the Nobel Prize

Cameron Abadi and Adam Tooze talk about the economists who won the Nobel Prize—for helping make the science of economics…more scientific.


Foreign Policy Playlist: Close Quarters

See Smithsonian Sidedoor's latest episode about people around the world learning to live with wild elephants.

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The Negotiators: Inside the Paris Climate Agreement

Nearly 200 countries signed the accord, but what do we really know about how it was reached? Listen to one of the negotiators on this new podcast.

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Scandal at the IMF and World Bank

On FP’s new economics podcast, columnist Adam Tooze shares what’s behind the China ranking scandal at the World Bank.


Foreign Policy Playlist: A Viral War Crime

In this season, open-source reporters search for clues about who is responsible for a viral execution.

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Is Olaf Scholz the German Joe Biden?

On Foreign Policy’s new economics podcast, columnist Adam Tooze discusses two data points that explain the world.


No Avocados in Iran

This show looks at the story of Tehran-based Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s 544-day imprisonment in Iran—and the efforts of those back in the United States to bring him home. 

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Is Evergrande the New Lehman Brothers?

On Foreign Policy’s new economics podcast, columnist Adam Tooze discusses two data points that explain the world.

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Dancing on the Debt Ceiling?

FP Studios launched Ones and Tooze—a new economics podcast centered on two data points that explain aspects of the global economy.

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Dancing on the Debt Ceiling?

Hear what Foreign Policy columnist Adam Tooze has to say on this first episode of FP’s new weekly economics podcast, Ones and Tooze.


Wine-Making in Bethlehem

This episode explores the first Palestinian winery near Bethlehem and pays attention to the discussion of indigenous Palestinian grape varieties.