Francis Fukuyama in Paris in June 4, 2015.

Fukuyama: Expect More Violence Before America Returns to Sanity

The famed political philosopher still believes in democracy’s ultimate triumph but says the “end of history” has been sidetracked by unforeseen forces.

Riot police push back a crowd of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump at the Capitol

‘This Was Like Charlottesville on Steroids’

Security expert Erroll Southers speaks with Foreign Policy on the roots of the Capitol assault.

Rex Tillerson testifies during his confirmation hearing to be U.S. secretary of state before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington on Jan. 11, 2017.

‘We’re in a Worse Place Today Than We Were Before He Came In’

Former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the mess Donald Trump is leaving behind.

A U.S. Capitol Police officer stands with members of the National Guard behind a fence surrounding Capitol Hill on Jan. 7.

Should Trump Be Prosecuted?

History shows that holding former leaders to account pays off—if it’s done in the right way.

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they prepare to storm the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6.

Why This Wasn’t a Coup

Here’s the right language for what’s happening in Washington—and why the terminology matters.

National Security Advisor Tom Donilon speaks at a luncheon by the Economic Club of Washington in Washington, D.C. on Sep. 16, 2011.

What Georgia’s Senate Results Mean for Biden’s Foreign Policy

As Congress hangs in the balance, Obama’s national security advisor explains how a president can deal with a less than cooperative legislature.

A voter departs with two children after casting her ballot during early voting in the 2020 presidential election on October 29, 2020 in Adel, Iowa.

An International Election Observer’s Advice for America: Trust the Process

Used to monitoring elections in fragile states overseas, the Carter Center is turning its attention for the first time to U.S. elections.

Rep. Joaquin Castro wears a face mask

Democrats Push for Foreign Aid in Coronavirus Stimulus Fight

While Congress and the White House remain far apart on COVID-19 stimulus talks, some Democrats hope to restore lost U.S. prestige by adding foreign aid to the bill.

Armando Iannucci

‘There’s a Complete Destruction of Reality’

The man who wrote “Death of Stalin” and “Veep” struggles to come to grips with Trump’s dysfunction.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is surrounded by supporters while visiting  Brasilia on Aug. 23, 2020.

Tackling Disinformation in Brazil

Journalist Patrícia Campos Mello has faced some of the worst disinformation campaigns in Brazil. Now she’s raising awareness to fight back.

An orange sky filled with smoke hangs above hiking trails at the Limeridge Open Space in Concord, California, on Sept. 9, after historic wildfires created hazardous air quality conditions in the American West.

‘The Stakes Couldn’t Be Any Higher’

Todd Stern, Obama’s right hand at the Paris accords, says this U.S. election is make-or-break for efforts to fight runaway climate change.

Alicia Barcena, chief of the United Nations Economic Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), attends a panel during the U.N. Global Compact for Migration in Marrakesh in 2018.

After COVID-19, Latin America Braces for ‘Lost Decade’

Already one of the most unequal regions in the world, it may face an unprecedented rise in inequality and poverty due to the economic carnage of the pandemic.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Avdullah Hoti

Kosovo PM: ‘There Is No Other Solution Than Mutual Recognition’

As two days of talks between Serbia and Kosovo begin at the White House, Kosovo’s prime minister says Serbia’s got to finally recognize his country—or risk both their futures in the EU.

A woman demonstrating for peace in Tbilisi, Georgia.

12 Years After Russian Invasion, Georgia Sees No End in Sight

But far from being intimidated, Georgia’s envoy to the United States says Russia’s intervention has only redoubled the country’s desire to join NATO and the European Union.


Margrethe Vestager Is Still Coming for Big Tech

The coronavirus pandemic has made the world more reliant on technology. The EU’s competition commissioner says that makes her fight more urgent.

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