Rational Security

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Saving Syria — and Ourselves

America needs to plot a middle path for military intervention.

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The Syrian Abyss

What Nietzsche would say about striking Assad.

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Arsenal of Hypocrisy

No matter where you look in the world, American words don't match American deeds.


Outfoxing Beats Outgunning

What we can learn from one of the most brilliant deceptions of World War II.

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Last War Standing

Why preemption is the only thing that can keep America safe.


The Pentagon’s Ten-Percent Solution

The sequester isn't a problem if you know what to cut.


The ABCs of Strategy

Everything you need to know about war is in children's books.


History of the World, Part Z

What the undead can teach us about the fall of Rome -- and cyberwar.


How Chess Explains the World

And predicts the rise and fall of nations.


Founding Insurgents

What today's military could learn from George Washington.

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Mitt Romney Was Right

Russia's our No. 1 enemy -- and Snowden's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Could Killer Robots Bring World Peace?

We're breaking Isaac Asimov's First Law -- and it could be good for humanity.

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In Defense of PRISM

How else can we smoke terrorists out of their hidey holes?

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