Soldiers in Afghanistan's Bamiyan province

A ‘Life and Death Fight’ Against the Taliban in Central Afghanistan

Bamiyan, home to the Taliban-wrecked Buddhas, might be the start of Afghanistan’s pushback against the insurgents.

Ben and Jerry’s announces new flavor.

Israel Goes to War Again, This Time Against Ben & Jerry’s

Israeli leaders press for legal measures after the ice cream company announced it would halt sales in Jewish settlements.

An Afghan security member pours gasoline over a pile of seized drugs and alcoholic drinks

The Taliban Are Breaking Bad

Meth is even more profitable than heroin—and is turbocharging the insurgency.

People on Gaza Beach

Palestinians Find New Unity After War With Israel

The 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas has unified disparate Palestinian enclaves.

copenhagen protest

How the Danish Left Adopted a Far-Right Immigration Policy

In an effort to outflank the populist right, the ruling Social Democrats have adopted one of the harshest refugee policies in the world.

A Russian healthcare worker administers a dose of Sputnik V vaccine at a vaccination center in the GUM department store in Moscow on July 2.

The Shocking Enormity of Russia’s Botched Pandemic Response

A massive third wave is spreading unchecked, anti-vaxxers are rampant, and the Kremlin’s vaccine diplomacy has failed.

Chinese President Xi Jinping onscreen at Chinese Communist Party 100th anniversary event

The Party’s Party Is All About Xi

As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, nothing else counts but “Xi Jinping Thought.”

Charkint District Governor Salima Mazari points a gun as she visits  forces in Charkint district of Balkh province on June 29.

With the Militias in Afghanistan

As Afghan forces melt away, local armed groups are left to hold the line against the Taliban.

A man stands outside the ruins of Nidal al-Rajabi's house in East Jerusalem on June 29.

A Razed Building and Another Possible Flash Point in East Jerusalem

Israel demands Palestinians obtain building permits but rarely grants them.

Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Jansa

In Slovenia, a Trumpian Populist Assumes a Key European Post

Janez Jansa is increasingly seen as one of the continent’s most illiberal leaders.

Head of the League party Matteo Salvini (right), head of the Brothers of Italy party Giorgia Meloni (center), and co-founder of the Forza Italia party Antonio Tajani

Italy’s Far-Right Is on the Rise

Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy is displacing Matteo Salvini’s League and making a play for power in Italy.

Interpreters demonstrate for U.S. visas.

‘Now I Can’t Go Home’

Afghan interpreters who worked with the U.S. military clamor for U.S. visas to escape Taliban retribution.

A Taliban commander ahead of an interview with AFP.

The Taliban Are Winning the War of Words in Afghanistan

The government’s radio silence is handing a propaganda victory to the insurgents.

French National Front mayor of Beaucaire, Julien Sanchez, poses in his office.

What’s It Actually Like Living Under France’s Far Right?

A town in the south of France offers clues to what may be in store for the rest of the country.

National Rally campaign posters

France’s Far-Right Seeks a Breakthrough in the South

The National Rally could win a key regional election—and a chance at mainstream success.

A Palestinian activist confronts a soldier in Jerusalem.

A Deeply Divided Israel Greets New Coalition Government

The “change government” of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid promises little real change—other than an end to Netanyahu.

An Afghan Commandos soldier stands guard.

Afghan Air Force Could Be Grounded After U.S. Pullout

The one advantage the Afghan army had on the Taliban looks set to slip away with the hasty U.S. withdrawal.

Street artists paint a mural depicting COVID-19 front-line workers in Nepal.

Nepal’s Vaccine Disaster Has Left Millions Unprotected

Alleged corruption and geopolitical worries have created a deadly shortage.