Situation Report

A member of security forces loyal to Yemen's Houthi rebels stands guard.

Biden’s Yemen About-Face

The White House prepares a reversal on a key foreign-policy pledge.

A satellite view of the Crescent Group of islands.

China’s Redrawn Maritime Map Is Out of Line

China’s contested maritime claims are ramping up tensions in the region.

The U.S. Capitol is seen as National Guard and Capitol Police stand guard in Washington.

Defense Contractors Quietly Restart Campaign Donations to Election Deniers

They put a pause on campaign donations after last year’s deadly Jan. 6 riots. It didn’t last long.

Taiwan's arm troops during a drill at a military base.

Can Taiwan Show China It’s a ‘Porcupine’?

A new defense report could be a sign that Taiwan is turning the page.

Russia’s MiG-31 supersonic interceptor jets carrying hypersonic missiles fly over Red Square during a Victory Day military parade in Moscow.

Russia Goes Hypersonic

The Russian navy is getting hypersonic missiles in 2022 in a bid to outpace Washington in the next missile race.

Biden delivers remarks during the annual U.S.-Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit via a video link.

Is Biden’s European Honeymoon Over?

Can the U.S. president get relations with Europe back on track?

Defense ministers talk at NATO meeting.

Turkey Threatens to Buy Russian Fighter Jets

Turkish officials want their just deserts for doing work on the F-35.

New U.S. army technology is displayed.

The Army’s Future Is Here—and It Has Robot Dogs With Guns

The Army grapples with how to showcase readiness and relevance in a new era of competition with China.

Biden and Stoltenberg talk after a summit at NATO headquarters.

NATO Gives Suspected Russian Spies Das Boot

It’s the latest sign there are few, if any, off ramps for NATO-Russia tensions.

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