Situation Report

New U.S. army technology is displayed.

The Army’s Future Is Here—and It Has Robot Dogs With Guns

The Army grapples with how to showcase readiness and relevance in a new era of competition with China.

Biden and Stoltenberg talk after a summit at NATO headquarters.

NATO Gives Suspected Russian Spies Das Boot

It’s the latest sign there are few, if any, off ramps for NATO-Russia tensions.

A North Korean military parade is seen on a news program in South Korea.

North Korea Held a Midnight Military Parade and No One Is Sure What to Make of It

The toned-down parade didn’t show off any ballistic missiles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Kim Jong Un is ready for talks with Biden.

Afghan resistance movement and anti-Taliban uprising forces take positions as they patrol on a hilltop.

Anti-Taliban Resistance Braces to Fight New Offensive

The last redoubt of resistance against the Taliban is cut off and pleading for foreign assistance.

U.S. Marines walk to their helicopter in Afghanistan.

What’s Next for Afghanistan?

As the Kabul situation worsens, the White House stares into the abyss.

Afghan security personnel and Afghan militia fighting against the Taliban stand guard in the Enjil district of Herat province, Afghanistan, on July 30.

How Did Things Go So Bad So Fast in Afghanistan?

The State Department weighs evacuating the U.S. embassy in Kabul as more cities fall.

National Guard helicopters spray water as a wildfire approaches in California.

Climate Change Disaster Response Is the Military’s New Forever War

Wildfires in drought-stricken American West suck in military resources, in a sign of the new normal.

An Iraqi interpreter sits inside a vehicle with U.S. troops in 2005.

Biden Vowed No Afghan Interpreters Left Behind. What About Iraqi Interpreters?

Another group of U.S. allies fears they’ll be forgotten as the United States winds down forever wars.

Ted Cruz attends a hearing on the nomination of Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Ted Cruz, Nominee-Obstructer-in-Chief

The Texas senator is holding up dozens of diplomatic appointments over Biden’s policy on a Russian gas pipeline.

A member of the Iraqi security forces walks past a destroyed vehicle.

America’s Other Forever War

Iraq could become a major thorn in Biden’s side.

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