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The World This Week in Photos

Protests in Kashmir; deforestation in Brazil; and New York City's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


The World This Week in Photos

Bicycling in the dark in Douma, Syria; moving Hamburg's swans to their winter home; and opening the International Toilet Festival in New Delhi.


The World This Week in Photos

Protests in Mexico City; skinny-dipping in Chonqing; and chess in Kuala Lumpur.


The World This Week in Photos

Shiites mark Ashura; Russian soldiers prepare for a parade; and a debutante ball in London.


The World This Week in Photos

U.S. Marines pack up in Afghanistan; Hungarians protest a proposed Internet tax; and a nude swimming competition in France.


Burkina Faso Burning

Protests in the capital, Ouagadougou, are spinning out of control.


The World This Week in Photos

A wedding portrait at Hong Kong's protests; gas masks at Indonesia's presidential inauguration; and sunlight in an Egyptian temple.


The World This Week in Photos

Protests in St. Louis; a pilgrimage in Peru; and the funeral of a Kurdish fighter.


The World This Week in Photos

Hong Kong's ongoing democracy protests; Eid al-Adha prayers in Indonesia; and skateboarding in Panama City.


The World This Week in Photos

Protests in Hong Kong; pilgrims on the Hajj; and preparations to "Aerosail" the Mediterranean.


Hong Kong Noir

Portraits of the island city before it belonged to China.


Crossing Over

Kurdish Syrians flee an Islamic State offensive on the town of Kobani.


Hong Kong’s Protest, in Memes

A selection of the most powerful remixed images coming from the island city.


The Umbrella Revolution

Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement takes to the streets.


The World This Week in Photos

Kurdish refugees cross into Turkey; global marches on climate change; and celebrating Munich's Oktoberfest.

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