South Asia Brief

Afghan security personnel and militia fighting against the Taliban stand guard in Enjil, Herat province, Afghanistan, on July 30.

The Taliban’s Urban Warfare Is a Dangerous Escalation

Insurgents are advancing into some of Afghanistan’s largest cities, signaling a new phase of the war.

Afghan militia fighters keep a watch at an outpost against Taliban insurgents in Charkint, Balkh province, Afghanistan, on July 15.

Can India Make a Play in Afghanistan?

Antony Blinken’s visit to New Delhi underscores a new regional “Great Game.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at the Presidential Palace in Kabul on Nov. 19, 2020.

Pakistan’s Regional Diplomacy Dilemma

Islamabad wants to shift its focus to trade and investment, but challenges loom.

Tents at a camp for internally displaced families are pictured in Dand district, Afghanistan, on Jan. 7.

Will the End of the U.S. War Create More Afghan Refugees?

With the Taliban insurgency expanding, the U.S. withdrawal could provoke a major humanitarian crisis.

An Indian air force officer gestures as he stands guard outside the Jammu Air Force Station entry gate in Jammu, Indian-administered Kashmir, on June 27.

Why Did Modi Meet With Kashmiri Leaders?

India’s prime minister is conciliatory to rivals while saving his firepower for domestic challenges—and China.

Young people sit at the Wazir Akbar Khan hilltop during a national day of mourning in Kabul on May 11.

Top Afghan Leaders Visit the White House at a Low Moment

With the situation in Afghanistan rapidly deteriorating, expect the mood to be grim when Ghani and Abdullah meet Biden.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends the NATO summit.

Turkey Looks to Expand Footprint in Afghanistan

Ankara is well positioned to play key roles after the U.S. withdrawal.

A street vendor walks past a mural depicting an Afghan National Army soldier in Kabul on June 10.

U.S. Withdrawal Constrains Counterterrorism Options

Biden’s pledge to maintain U.S. capacity in Afghanistan without boots on the ground appears easier said than done.

Journalists mark World Press Freedom Day.

Pakistan’s Press Enters a Dark Era

Attacks on journalists and a proposed law increasing government media oversight do not bode well for democracy.

A health worker inoculates a woman with a COVID-19 vaccine in New Delhi on May 26.

The U.S.-India Relationship Has a New Top Priority

The Indian foreign minister’s U.S. visit shows the partners are primarily focused on tackling the coronavirus—for now.

Protesters carry Palestinian flags in Pakistan.

What Does the Gaza Crisis Mean for South Asia?

The latest Israeli-Palestinian clashes could pose security risks in the region.

Onlookers stand near the site of multiple blasts outside a school.

Terror Attacks Surge in Afghanistan as U.S. Withdraws

Washington hopes to reduce spiraling Taliban violence, but it is losing its most potent leverage: troop presence.

A tanker gets refilled with medical oxygen for hospitals and medical facilities treating coronavirus patients in Bengaluru on May 5.

India’s Coronavirus Crisis Plays Out on Twitter

Social media is serving as a proxy for a collapsing public health system. That isn’t good news for Modi and the ruling party.

A woman walks along a near-deserted street during a lockdown in Mumbai on April 29.

Will Washington’s Slow Crisis Response Damage U.S.-India Ties?

The countries have built up goodwill over the decades, but the delay in U.S. COVID-19 assistance exposes lingering concerns about the partnership.

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