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Let’s Sit This One Out

Western publics have little appetite for getting tough on Putin for Moscow's Crimean invasion.

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Everything’s Coming Up Modi

A new survey shows widespread support for a controversial Indian candidate.



Americans love Europe and free trade. But is the pending trade deal facing choppy waters?

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Downward-Facing Obama

When the national mood goes south, even the president’s foreign policy successes get negative marks.


Americans and Israelis Don’t See Eye to Eye on Iran

When it comes to the nuclear threat from Tehran, there’s a growing gulf between Washington and Jerusalem.

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Trading Privacy for Security

Americans are still willing to forgive the NSA's intrusions, but are U.S. friends abroad?

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Next Year in Jerusalem

Do American Jews think peace with Palestine is possible?

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Occupy Bundestag

Can Angela Merkel keep the German economy humming and reverse dangerous income inequality?

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What Water’s Edge?

The numbers show that Republican isolationism -- and partisanship -- is growing.


Wane, Wax, Whatever

Why Obama's walking a thin tightrope getting the public on board for a Syrian intervention.

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