Truck at a roadblock in Democratic Republic of the Congo

It’s the Roads, Stupid

Armed checkpoints along key trade routes—not natural resources—are the key to financing rebel groups and insurgencies around the world.

Joe Biden

The Bidenomics Revolution

If he succeeds, the president will cast 40 years of economic doctrine on history’s ash heap. But that’s a big if.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin speak.

Biden to Prod Putin on Syria Relief

Russia’s blockage of aid deliveries threatens to make Syria’s humanitarian disaster the worst it’s been since the war began.

People watch as the container ship the Ever Given is refloated, unblocking the Suez Canal in Suez, Egypt, on March 29.

The Ever Given Crew Are Still Stuck at Sea

Here’s why and what their story means for other seafarers.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Is Biden’s Global Corporate Tax a Revolution—or a Retreat?

Progressives are upset with Biden’s modest proposal, but if implemented it would be a big step in global tax reform.

Belarus democracy protesters in Berlin

To Get at Lukashenko, Punish His ‘Moneybags’

To impress the Belarusian dictator, go after his and his associates’ wealth.

Anti-Amazon activists gather for a rally in Fournès, France.

Big Tech and Other Multinationals Are About to Pay a Lot More in Taxes

Biden and the Europeans are close to agreement on a virtual revolution in international corporate tax policies.

Hospital workers install new intensive care beds

Argentina Is the Pandemic’s Latest Hot Spot

An overloaded health system struggles to deal with a deadly second wave of the coronavirus.

Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Castillo delivers a speech to supporters from a balcony at his campaign headquarters during his closing rally in Lima on June 3, ahead of the June 6 runoff election against Keiko Fujimori.

Peru’s New President Will Polarize the Country

Peruvians may gamble on a leftist political unknown or bring a controversial right-wing politician into office.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro gestures at an anti-Trump demonstration.

How Maduro Beat Sanctions

Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy only made Maduro stronger. Now, Biden has to chart a new course.

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the First State Democratic Dinner.

Biden Jump-Starts Fight Against Kleptocracy

New memorandum puts anti-corruption efforts at the heart of national security strategy.

Then-Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visits Iowa state leaders and residents.

State Legislation Might Backfire on U.S.-China Relations

Beijing doesn’t understand local governments are independent of Washington.

A farmer harvests corn near Burlington, Iowa, on Oct. 22, 2015.

Small Farms, Big Pollution

Don’t abandon big agriculture, make it work (even) better.

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