The Kurdish Government Is Torturing Boys

Boys as young as 11, accused of fighting for the Islamic State, are being detained and brutally tortured in prisons.


The Legacy Ban Ki-moon Leaves Behind

The outgoing U.N. secretary-general touts his support for climate change and gay rights, regrets failures from Haiti to North Korea, and calls Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a liar.


Hunting for Syria’s Hidden Chemical Weapons

International inspectors find gaping holes in Syria’s chemical weapons declarations, raising concern that Assad may have hidden some of his deadliest warfare agents.


How OPM Bilked a Security Contractor That Confirmed a Major Hack

A new report says that the Office of Personnel Management was shockingly negligent in responding to multiple cyberattacks. But when Ben Cotton discovered fake anti-virus files, the agency jumped into action — and then refused to pay his company.


U.S. Likely to Lift Ban on Arms Sales to Vietnam

Despite objections from some lawmakers and human rights advocates, the White House is considering selling U.S. weapons to Hanoi — for the first time since the war.


The $400 Million Software Wreaking Havoc at the U.N.

In Swahili, Umoja means "unity." But an expensive software program designed to unite the U.N.’s far-flung operations is instead hindering efforts to promote peace.


The New Strongman of the U.N. Security Council

From Burundi to Syria, the lone Arab member of the U.N. Security Council is sparking concerns that it’s working to weaken international human rights norms.


Inside the U.S. Navy’s Iran Fiasco

From mechanical problems to communications breakdowns, new details on how 10 U.S. sailors blundered into Iranian waters and almost sparked an international crisis.


U.N. Plan Calls for Intel Team in Damascus

The U.N.’s envoy to Syria wants to set up an independent information-gathering unit to monitor a cease-fire says a confidential document.



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