An Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) soldier sits by a pile of weapons confiscated from Ethiopian army soldiers at the Addis Ababa racetrack on May 29, 1991.

Ethiopia’s Breakup Doesn’t Have to Be Violent

A confederation of states must choose whether to follow the bloody path of the former Yugoslavia or the prosperous model of the European Union.


5 Games That Explain The World

From the Islamic Revolution in Tehran to fuzzy animals playing counterinsurgents, these board and video games are inspired by foreign relations.

The exterior of the U.S. Capitol building is seen at sunrise in Washington.

Biden Aims to Quash Nord Stream 2 Sanctions in Defense Bill

The move comes amid a European energy crunch and Russian troops massing on the border with Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, in Belgrade on Jan. 17, 2019.

What Russia Really Wants in the Balkans

The Kremlin is destabilizing Bosnia and Herzegovina in pursuit of broader strategic goals.

Anti-Taliban forces train.

Afghan Insurgents Are a Dead End

Rebuilding U.S. standing requires an end to backing militants abroad.

Foreign diplomats look across the DMZ into North Korea.

The Life of Diplomats in North Korea

Internal U.N. documents detail the burden foreign envoys face from sanctions and a stiflingly controlling government in Pyongyang.

A silhouette of a demonstrator is seen behind a Chinese flag.

How China Became Jihadis’ New Target

International terrorist organizations long considered Beijing a secondary focus. That’s changed.

A large screen displays China's President Xi Jinping outside a shopping mall on November 16  in Beijing, China.

The Chinese Communist Party Still Thinks It Owns the Future

Outsiders might see a peaking power, but China’s leaders don’t.

Servicemen salute as their tanks move through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in Moscow on May 9, 2021.

Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine?

Moscow’s military buildup is raising eyebrows in Washington as Belarus ups the ante in its standoff with the EU.

A US-made CH-47 helicopter flies an 18-meter by 12-meter national flag at a military base in Taoyuan on September 28, 2021.

Pentagon Quietly Puts More Troops in Taiwan

Deeper U.S. engagement comes as the wisdom of strategic ambiguity is increasingly questioned.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian speaks during a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart following their meeting in Moscow on October 6, 2021.

Iran’s New Top Diplomats Are a Problem

Tehran needs to restore the nuclear deal—but the Raisi administration’s officials aren’t up for the job.

Ukrainian servicemen take part in the joint Rapid Trident military exercises with the United States and other NATO countries nor far from Lviv on September 24.

Russia Isn’t About to Attack Ukraine

Moscow occupying its neighbor would be expensive, dangerous, and pointless.

Japan’s presidential aircraft lands in Germany.

Germany Can Learn From Japan’s China Strategy

Berlin should import policies from another economic power in a similar predicament.

U.S. President Joe Biden participates in a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Biden and Xi Pause Saber Rattling for First Face-to-Face

Breakthroughs remain elusive, but both sides agreed on need to manage tensions.

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