Lebanon Has a New President (Not That It Matters)

President or no, Lebanon has had no effective governance for decades. That's not about to change.


How Zimbabwe Made Zimbabwe’s Flag Illegal

The country's own flag has become an anti-government symbol of protest.


A Car Bomb Rattles Georgians As Election Nears

The government in Tbilisi says all is well with democracy. But many Georgians aren’t so sure.


Israel’s President Confronts Ukrainians With Their Past

Many in Ukraine don't want to hear about their heroes' participation in the Holocaust. But Israel's President Rivlin didn't shy away from the truth.

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Venezuela’s Long-suffering Opposition Finally Gets a Win

This week's large and peaceful protest in Venezuela shows that the momentum is finally behind the chavista government's opponents.

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A Democracy Lab Contributor Is Venezuela’s Latest Political Prisoner

Desperate to halt a recall referendum against the president, Venezuela’s government has arrested one of our authors.

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Facing Headwinds, Referendum to Recall Venezuela’s President Moves Forward

Most Venezuelans want him gone. But Nicolás Maduro still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Ukraine’s Meat Grinder Is Back in Business

The latest bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine shows that talk of a “frozen conflict” is premature.

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In Venezuela, the Lights Are Going Out

After years of mismanagement, Venezuela's energy industry can no longer cope. Bad governance is plunging the country into darkness.

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The Death Blow to Turkey’s Media

As of today, Turkey's largest-circulation newspaper — long a government critic — is no more.

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Shooting of Opposition Leader Roils Georgia Ahead of Contentious Election

The shooting of Aleksi Petriashvili, a former minister, introduces a dangerous new element to Tbilisi's overheated politics.

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This Time I Decided to Vote

Here's why it meant so much for one writer in Kampala to vote in Uganda's seriously flawed election.

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How Tunisia’s Crooked Cops Are Undermining the Revolution

Tunisia's uprising was a cry against pervasive corruption. Five years later, it's only gotten worse.

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Venezuela Is About to Go Bust

When the country defaults, a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money. And they deserve to.

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Five Years Later, Tunisians Take to the Streets Again

In the new, democratic Tunisia, people are protesting again — and for the same reason as before.

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