FP Virtual Dialogue: Driving Global Recovery

Transformational Leadership in U.S. Policy and Business

The disruptive global impact of the coronavirus can hardly be overstated: Spreading around the world as a health and economic shockwave, the pandemic has stirred up geopolitical tensions, revealed vulnerabilities in international trade and supply chains, and exposed inadequacies in our governance systems. Bringing into sharp relief social inequities at the global and national level, COVID-19 also has undercut America’s leadership in an increasingly volatile world. As the world seeks to recover, leaders across policy, business and civil society are challenged to not simply get back to normal, but to redefine the paradigms that rule global politics and business.

Transformational leadership is required in policy and industry to design solutions for social and economic recovery by cultivating more resilient, sustainable and equitable value-chains. As governments must improve cross-sector collaboration and international cooperation, corporations are called on to demonstrate more responsible capitalism.

This FP Virtual Dialogue brought together leaders from across U.S. policy, industry and civil society to discuss how U.S. policy and business innovation can be activated to drive transformation domestically and support the future of American leadership in the post-COVID world.

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Andrew Sollinger

Andrew Sollinger is Foreign Policy’s Publisher. He joined FP in March 2018 to oversee all revenue generating efforts through subscriptions, sponsorships, advertising, events, ...

Janis Bowdler

President of the JPMorgan Chase & Co Foundation
Janis has spent the last two decades advancing economic opportunity for families at risk of being left out of growing global prosperity. She began her career in her native North...
FP-Janis-Bowdler (1)
FP-Janis-Bowdler (1)

Brent McIntosh

Under Secretary for International Affairs, US Department of the Treasury
As Under Secretary, Mr. McIntosh works to strengthen U.S. relationships with foreign partners and represents the United States in various international bodies. Prior to his conf...

Martin King

CEO, PMI America
Mr. King joined Philip Morris International in 2003 as Managing Director of Tabaqueira SA, PMI’s Portuguese subsidiary. He was then named Managing Director, Philip Morr...

Liz Schrayer

President & CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
Liz Schrayer serves as President & CEO of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC), a broad based coalition of over 500 businesses and NGOs that advocates for strong U.S...

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