FP Virtual Dialogue: Investing in the Planet

Climate Action in Developing Countries

This high-level virtual program brought together policy leaders and experts at the intersection of finance, sustainable development and climate action to elevate the dialogue about mobilizing green investment. We explored what governments and global institutions are doing to overcome risks to pursuing climate investments and how emerging economies can empower growth through driving climate-smart development.

COVID-19 has served as a wake-up call regarding the interconnectedness of global challenges and the exponential threats they can pose to humanity. Much like with the pandemic, developing countries are also bearing the brunt of the climate crisis — but most importantly, they are a critical part of the solution, too: Green market creation and clean infrastructure transformation have great potential to move the needle on global climate targets. In the years to come, developing economies are on track to run on 70% of the world’s energy, experience 97% of global population growth, and represent 60% of total GDP. Investment in developing nations therefore is as much a practical imperative as it is a moral one.

In this dialogue, we discussed how developing countries can access resources to invest in next-generation climate solutions and technologies. What’s needed from governments, businesses, and other global actors to mobilize sufficient financing to build sustainable, resilient economies where they are needed most and where they can make the greatest impact? How can development organizations facilitate investment in local communities in a way that empowers them to take ownership of their environmental challenges and outcomes?

Foreign Policy, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds, convened a forward-looking conversation about the opportunities and strategies to mobilize green global development and a sustainable future for the planet.

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Ravi Agrawal

Ravi Agrawal is the editor in chief of Foreign Policy. Before joining FP, Agrawal worked at CNN for more than a decade, including his most recent position as the network’s New...
ravi agrawal
ravi agrawal

Hon. Pearnel Charles, Jr.

Minister of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment & Climate Change, Jamaica
Honorable Pearnel P. Charles Jr. MP., is the Minister of the new and dynamic Ministry of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change. He is also a two-time Member of ...
FP-Pearnel Charles Jr. Official
FP-Pearnel Charles Jr. Official

Tomas Anker Christensen

Climate Ambassador, Denmark
Tomas Anker Christensen is the Climate Ambassador of Denmark at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. He has been Under-Secretary fo...
Tomas Anker Christensen
Tomas Anker Christensen

Mafalda Duarte

CEO, Climate Investment Funds
Mafalda Duarte is CEO of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), an $8.5 billion multilateral fund supporting climate action in 72 developing countries since 2009. Since assuming h...
FP-Mafalda Duarte
FP-Mafalda Duarte

Melanie Nakagawa

Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Climate and Energy, National Security Council
Melanie Nakagawa serves as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Climate and Energy at the National Security Council, where she advances the Biden-Harris Ad...
FP-Melanie Nakagawa
FP-Melanie Nakagawa

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