FP Virtual Dialogue: Can Local Think Tanks Save Democracy?

July 28, 2021

How to promote good governance & civil liberties in a polarized world

Foreign Policy, in partnership with the Atlas Network, hosted a discussion on the role and impact of think tanks: Against a backdrop of polarized politics, economic strife and a changing global order, how are think tanks adapting and how should they evolve to bring value to the communities where they operate?

Around the world, think tanks focused on liberal democracy and free-market economies have been playing a growing role in governments and civil societies, often offering a bridge between research and policymaking, cultivating political discourse, and informing a range of stakeholders and decision makers. However, the degree to which these think tanks have been able to affect policy agendas and make a measurable impact in local communities is less-understood. As the world is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable, and as citizens around the globe demand to have their voices heard in the policy process, will think tanks remain relevant? What should they do to strengthen public trust in a changing political climate? How can think tanks strengthen their role as incubators of policy reform and innovation?

Watch this insightful conversation featuring experts and practitioners on the role of think tanks in supporting democracy-promotion and economic development across a shifting geopolitical landscape. Our program also unveils the findings of FP Analytics’ latest research examining the impact of democracy-building, free-market focused think tanks and their effectiveness in advancing locally-driven reform initiatives.

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Simeon Djankov
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Simeon Djankov is a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Prior to joining the Institute, Djankov was deputy prime minister and minister of financ...
FP-simeon djankov
Brian Joseph
Vice President, Programs, National Endowment for Democracy
Brian Joseph is the Vice President for Programs at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)­—an independent, nonprofit, grant-making foundation dedicated to the developmen...
FP-Brian Joseph
Sarah Lucas
Program Officer, Gender Equity and Governance, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Sarah T. Lucas is a Program Officer in Gender Equity and Governance at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. She manages a portfolio of grants that aim to increase the use o...
Amy Mackinnon
National Security and Intelligence Reporter, FOREIGN POLICY
Amy Mackinnon is a staff writer for Foreign Policy magazine. Originally from Scotland, she has reported from across Eastern Europe and was based in Moscow and Tbilisi Georgia as...
Arpita Nepal
Co-Founder and Advisor of Research & Development, Samriddhi Foundation
Arpita Nepal is the co-founder and adviser of research and development at the Samriddhi Foundation. She also oversees curriculum design of the Foundation’s education and train...
FP-Arpita Nepal
Roxana Nicula
Chair of Board of Trustees, Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty
Roxana Nicula is one of the founders of the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty (Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad), a Spanish libertarian think tank. She is an ind...
FP - Roxana Nicula
Fouad Pervez
Senior Policy Analyst, FP Analytics
Fouad Pervez is a senior quantitative and policy analyst at FP analytics. He focuses primarily on quantitative research and analysis. He helped create Foreign Policy’s Covid-1...
FP-Fouad Pervez
Isabel Schmidt
Isabel Schmidt is a Policy Analyst with FP Analytics. At FP, her work is based on primary source interviews which combine with data to provide in-depth analysis and recommendati...
Isabel Schmidt
Matt Warner
President, Atlas Network
Matt Warner is president of Atlas Network, a nonprofit grantmaking organization committed to supporting local NGOs in more than 90 countries. Matt is the editor of Poverty ...

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