FP Virtual Dialogue: Using Space-Based Technology for Eyes on the Ground

How satellite imagery can help manage risk and navigate volatile environments

Foreign Policy, in partnership with Maxar, convened a leading-edge conversation to highlight the growing importance of satellite technologies in volatile environments where lack of infrastructure can limit intelligence gathering and situational awareness. We’ll explore how the ability to have “eyes on the ground” in the form of geospatial images can provide vital, actionable insights to decision makers across the defense, intel and humanitarian sectors.

Experts illuminated how satellite imagery is enabling early detection of unrest or other destabilizing events that may put critical infrastructure, assets or local populations at risk.

  • What is the role of geospatial imaging in mission planning before putting boots on the ground?
  • How is satellite imagery being leveraged to monitor security concerns around climate change and how it can be used for planning and mitigation efforts?
  • How is satellite imagery supporting the work of humanitarian organizations to help rapidly identify the nature and scope of disasters, more effectively target responses and deploy aid?

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MG Charlie Cleveland

Associate Director for Operations, The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Major General Charles H. Cleveland, U.S. Army, assumed the duties as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Associate Director of Operations in January 2019. As the Directo...
Charles Cleveland
Charles Cleveland

Simonetta Di Pippo

Director, United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs
Simonetta Di Pippo is Director of UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), a position which sees her lead the Office’s strategic, policy and programmatic activities and adv...
Simonetta Di Pippo
Simonetta Di Pippo

Tony Frazier

Tony Frazier joined Maxar in 2017 after its acquisition of DigitalGlobe and serves as our EVP of Global Field Operations. In this role he leads all sales, business development, ...

Andrew Sollinger

Andrew Sollinger is Foreign Policy’s Publisher. He joined FP in March 2018 to oversee all revenue generating efforts through subscriptions, sponsorships, advertising, events, ...

Carrie Stokes

Chief Geographer and Director of the GeoCenter, USAID
Carrie Stokes has worked for more than 25 years in international development and the environment. She is the first Geographer of USAID, headquartered in Washington, DC. She est...
Carrie Stokes
Carrie Stokes

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