Tensions Beyond the Strait


How Taiwan's security is impacting the transatlantic alliance

With concerns about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan on the rise, U.S. and European policymakers are evaluating their readiness to defend Taiwan against Chinese economic and military aggression. The U.S., while maintaining strategic ambiguity, has suggested that it might militarily support Taiwan, a move that could bring it into direct confrontation with China. However, Europe’s position is less clear. French President Macron’s call for a “sovereign Europe” and caution against being drawn into a crisis over Taiwan driven by American and Chinese tensions raise questions regarding Europe’s engagement should such a conflict occur.

This situation has put the strength of the transatlantic alliance under scrutiny. How are economic priorities impacting the E.U.’s strategic approach, and what does that mean for E.U.-U.S. relations? How would a Chinese incursion into Taiwan put the alliance to the test?  

Join Foreign Policy, in partnership with the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, on June 21st, for a timely discussion with policymakers, security officials, and other experts about these ongoing tensions and the political and security implications for the transatlantic alliance and beyond.

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