Women as Levers of Change – Report Launch: FP Virtual Dialogue

Our inaugural “FP Virtual Dialogue” celebrated the launch of our newest report: Women as Levers of Change. Listeners learned how companies and other industry actors can mobilize women to further unleash their transformative potential.

Foreign Policy  was thrilled to celebrate the release of FP Analytics’ report: Women as Levers of Change.

Amid growing global advocacy movements for gender equality and diversity, evidence has emerged demonstrating significant business, economic, and social benefits of increasing women’s participation. Crucially, however, a major gap remains as to how women are advancing organizational and industrial transformation, and therefore what can be done to mobilize women’s capacity as changemakers.

Without this understanding, efforts to increase gender diversity may devolve into a superficial numbers game that fails to tap into women’s talent and institute concrete, meaningful change at scale. To address this gap and contribute to the ongoing discourse, FP Analytics  conducted a pioneering study of 14 legacy industries to identify how women are making a positive impact on corporate financial, environmental, and social performance, and how companies and other stakeholders can leverage women’s potential for change.


For more information on the Women as Levers of Change report and research, contact FP Analytics managing director Allison Carlson.

Read findings and download the report at WomenAsLeversOfChange.com.


Ravi Agrawal

Managing Editor, Foreign Policy
Ravi Agrawal is the managing editor of Foreign Policy. Before joining FP, Agrawal worked at CNN for more than a decade, including his most recent position as...
ravi agrawal
ravi agrawal

Allison Carlson

Managing Director, FP Analytics
Allison oversees all global research and analysis. She counsels clients on current and prospective market, policy, and security developments with a focus on emerging trends, sce...
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.43.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.43.05 PM

Aditi Mohapatra

Managing Director, BSR
Aditi works with BSR members across sectors to help them improve and advance their sustainability strategies. She leads BSR’s global portfolio of work on women’s empowermen...
Aditi Mohapatra
Aditi Mohapatra

For more information, contact Diana Marrero, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development.