FP Virtual Dialogue: Fostering Resilience in Northern Central America

Rethinking approaches to regional development and forced migration

In the face of deteriorating political, socio-economic, and environmental conditions, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing countries from across northern Central America. International efforts have thus far failed to stem the crisis, while humanitarian responses don’t address the root causes, regional fragility, and complex challenges driving forced migration.

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of this evolving crisis, and the need for innovative and collaborative solutions, Foreign Policy has partnered with World Vision and the World Bank on a first-of-its-kind simulation focused on resilience. Leading practitioners from across sectors work through a scenario that challenges them to navigate the compounding factors causing internal displacement and forced migration from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

To learn about the insights and recommendations generated during the simulation, and to discuss this urgent issue, watch out thought-provoking FP Virtual Dialogue which convened leaders and experts from government, private sector and civil society. Our conversation explored a changing paradigm for regional development and capacity-building that prioritizes fostering resilience and systemic reform to help stem forced migration.

Our program addressed these questions:

  • What does a resilience framework look like with regard to addressing the structural causes of migration across northern Central America? What does such an approach tell us about policy, investment, and resource allocation decisions?
  • How can different stakeholders support more adaptive approaches to international crisis management?
  • What is the role of comprehensive risk assessment in anticipating regional challenges and developing humanitarian interventions that build capacity/resilience against those threats?
  • What did the simulation teach us about how resiliency approaches might break down silos and support more absorptive, adaptive, and transformative capacities to address risks, root challenges and mitigate crises?

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Allison Carlson

Allison oversees all global research and analysis. She counsels clients on current and prospective market, policy, and security developments with a focus on emerging trends, sce...

João Diniz

Regional Leader, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Vision
João Helder Diniz (Brazil) is the Regional Leader of World Vision International for Latin America and the Caribbean. He...
FP-João Diniz
FP-João Diniz

Mileydi Guilarte

Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, USAID
Mileydi Guilarte serves as Deputy Assistant Administrator within USAID's Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Before joining the LAC Bureau, Guilarte was the...
FP-Mileydi Guilarte
FP-Mileydi Guilarte

Ricardo Pareja

Head of Sales and Market Development for the Humanitarian & Development group, Mastercard
Mr. Ricardo Pareja is currently the Head of Sales & Market Development for the Humanitarian & Development group, a social enterprise within Mastercard, focused on drivin...
FP-Ricardo Pareja
FP-Ricardo Pareja

Edgar Sandoval

President and CEO, World Vision U.S.
Born in Los Angeles, Sandoval grew up in Central and South America, where he first witnessed poverty. His own experience with hardship came at age 18, w...

Luis Suazo

Ambassador of Honduras to the U.S.
Since 2018, Luis Fernando Suazo serves as the General Coordinator of the Government, with the rank of Minister, for Prevention, Security and Defen...

Ricardo Zúñiga

Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle, U.S. Department of State
Ricardo Zúñiga is a career member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Service and the Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle. Until March 15, 2021, he was the Interim Director of the ...
FP-Ricardo Zúñiga
FP-Ricardo Zúñiga

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